Business news : Poncin yachts ( Catana owner )sell White Shark to Guy Marine, himself bought

Poncin group released a statement Sept. 26 saying : " The sale of White Shark of the mark and the production tools and was performed with a family group of investors committed to the qualitative picture of White Shark still 100% designed and manufactured in France . " The group added:" Buying the French site also Guy Marine on the island of Oleron , investors can create business synergies and industry around the two brands. "

The sale of White Shark occurs at the same time as the construction of Oleron Guy Marine himself now the new owner of the White Shark brand and molds for the production of hulls and equipment necessary for the production of the open stars upscale, created in the spirit of the famous Boston Whaler U.S. .

Guy Mainre and White Shark now belong to the group Fineloc Parisian specialist truck rental with driver , led by Erich La Chiusa . The new management of the yard back to Fabrice Garnier . François Galland, who was the owner of Guy Marine for six years , is now engaged in the sales department .

The Oleron's shipyard changes hands while his neighbor opposite, Ocqueteau , from the same family , has also changed owners .

For White Shark Fineloc has today added to the long list of successive shareholders since its inception Kelt in Morbihan in 1974 by the browser Gilles Le Baud Chauffour Poncin Marine , Outboard Marine Corporation , Dauxin - Fourcade, Dufour, Siparex Poncin .

In 2009, Poncin, had closed the factory Kelt - creator of White Shark - Vannes to transfer production to Marans (Charente -Maritime, the time location of its head and its flagship factory since sold ) . So the 68 employees Vannes refused mutations proposed to 30 of them in the Charente -Maritime and remained without immediate employment solution Morbihan.

The Poncin group , which also abandoned plans to revolutionize the production monohulls space, will , the company said , " concentrate all its efforts on brand luxury Catana catamarans whose earning potential was much greater . Now pure player upscale catamaran , the group will be able to concentrate all its forces in international deployment of its flagship brand Catana and accelerate the ongoing development of its range . "

French source lemarin.fr

Web news : New Social Network, Time To Play Golf, Lets Golfers Find Partners, Get Information About Golf Courses, and Play More Golf

Introducing an online community exclusively for golfers, TTPGolf.com is a members-only website that functions like the most popular social networks but is dedicated exclusively to golf.

Philadelphia, PA September 26, 2013
From 9 to 5, Doug Hilgenberg is a certified public account and businessman. After hours, he’s a competitive amateur golfer. Now he’s pursuing a vision for an online golf social network that will let him merge his profession with his passion—while helping other golfers get more involved in the sport, find golf partners and schedule more opportunities to play golf.

Doug is working with a team of web developers to build a fully-featured social network called Time to Play Golf (TTPGolf.com). Dedicated entirely to golf, TTPGolf.com is designed to help golfers easily locate golf partners in their area or at the clubs they play, schedule play so others can join, follow golf courses to keep up with club events, and expand their golf connections.

An online community exclusively for golfers, TTPG is a members-only website that functions like the most popular social networks. “It’s like a combination of Facebook and LinkedIn exclusively for golf,” Hilgenberg said.

Joining requires a simple signup and registration process. When they log in, members immediately see continually updated news feed on their homepage showing the activity and comments of their golf connections, groups they belong to, courses they’re following, and other TTPGolf members. The homepage also has announcements, information about featured courses, notifications about groups, upcoming events and more. It’s their golf community at a glance. Extensive privacy and notification settings let members control the information that appears about them, how other members may interact with them, and the notifications they receive about activity on the site.

“If I’m trying to fill out a foursome for Saturday morning, I just post that on the site and invite others to play,” Doug explained. “It’s as easy as that.”

When they join, members create a profile that can include their handicap, home course, golfing preferences, and other information. Called “My Locker,” the profile makes it possible for members to find and play with other golfers at their level. In addition to posting comments for the community to see, members can also message directly to as many as 10 other golfers at a time.

TTPGolf also makes it easy for members to find opportunities to play beyond their immediate circle of golf partners, friends and favorite courses. For example, the Events feature lets members publicize and promote outings, tournaments and other golf-related occasions. In addition to complete information about the outing, event listings can include guest lists, photos, and a link to sign up. “TTPGolf is all about sharing golf experiences, creating more buzz and getting folks involved,” Hilgenberg explains.
Built to work on desktop or mobile, TTPG is being rolled out initially in the Greater Philadelphia and New Jersey area before expanding into other regions. The site is being extensively tested by a large group of charter members prior to its official release.

About Time to Play Golf

Time to Play Golf (TPG) is an online golf social network where members can find and connect with local golf partners, follow golf courses, create or join golf events, and engage with the golf community. TPG is open to golfers, instructors and course managers. Membership is through registration. Members are welcome to invite friends and suggest courses. Find. Follow. Connect.

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New products : Suzuki introduces new overseas motorcycle models for 2014

Suzuki Motor Corporation has introduced new overseas motorcycle models for 2014 during the 36th Le Mans 24-hours endurance race (24 Heures Moto), which was held at the Bugatti Circuit, located near Le Mans, France from 21 to 22 September, 2013.

The Sport Adventure Tourer, the V-Strom 1000 ABS

The V-Storm 1000 ABS is a production model based on a concept model exhibited at the INTERMOT International Motorcycle, Scooter and Bicycle Fair held in Cologne, Germany in October 2012. The styling design of the V-Strom 1000 ABS is inspired by the 1988 DR750S, Suzuki’s first big on/off-road machine. It was developed to offer some of the best parts of the Sport Adventure Tourer such as the versatility, the fun of riding, and comfortable long distance travel. It has adopted comfortable riding position and low seat height, as well as newly-designed 1037cm3 V-twin engine and aluminum chassis. Also, it has equipped radial mount front brake calipers and ABS, while offering three modes* to Suzuki’s first motorcycle traction control.
*Three modes: 1/2/OFF

Suzuki plans to produce the V-Strom 1000 ABS at its Toyokawa Plant in Japan from October 2013, and start exporting to areas including Europe, North America, and Oceania.

New scooter, the Burgman 125 / Burgman 200

The Burgman 125 / Burgman 200 is an elegantly-designed scooter which has adopted a comfortable riding position and useful equipments. Its styling design inherits dual headlight and dual taillight, which is shared with the Burgman scooter series. It also expresses sporty styling with the sharp character lines in the front and the rear.

On its equipments, it has adopted an easy-to-read instrument and a long windscreen to provide wind protection, while also offering ABS range.

Suzuki plans to produce the Burgman 125 / Burgman 200 at its Thai subsidiary, Thai Suzuki Motor Co., Ltd. from September 2013. Followed by its export to Europe, and launch in Thailand, it is planned to be exported worldwide including North America and Oceania.

About Suzuki motors : 

Starting business in 1909 as Suzuki Loom Works, the firm was incorporated in 1920. Since foundation Hamamatsu, Japan, SUZUKI has steadily grown and expanded. During the post-W.W.II period, our motorized bike 'Power free'* which earned a good reputation was followed by our 125cc motorcycle 'Colleda', and later by the pioneering 'Suzulight'* lightweight car that helped bring Japan's automotive revolution. Each of these was epoch-making in their own right as they were developed and manufactured by optimizing the most advanced technologies of that period. Today, constantly going forward to meet changing lifestyles, the SUZUKI name is seen on a full range of motorcycles, automobiles, outboard motors and related products such as motorized wheelchairs and industrial equipment. The mark trademark is recognized by people throughout the world as a brand of quality products that offer both reliability and originality. SUZUKI stands behind this global symbol with a sure determination to maintain this confidence in the future as well, never stopping in creating such advanced 'value-packed products'. 

Source suzuki motors

New product: Nike LunarTerra Arktos: The Next Step In Boot Evolution

Classic style converges with cutting edge technology to create the ultimate all-weather boot. 

Each year, a time comes when you need something more substantial than your everyday sneaker. Faced with that problem, Nike senior designer Nate VanHook took inspiration from the modularity of Matryoshka dolls and the toughness of arctic bears to develop the ultimate solution.

“The word "arktos" is ancient Greek for "bear" and is where the term "Arctic" is derived; meaning the land of the polar bear. The idea was to create a product so warm and utilitarian that it could exist in the Arctic.”

Delivering the lightweight comfort of a sneaker with the rugged, insulated protection of a boot, the Nike LunarTerra Arktos is a modular solution to harsh conditions. This is the new and improved cold weather system of dress.

To create the perfect boot, all of the latest Nike technologies were utilized. Developed for running and performance basketball, Nike’s dynamic Flywire and Hyperfuse construction are used in the upper for an adaptive fit and increased resilience. The tongue, toe, and foxing all feature Nike’s Vac Tec molding to reduce seams and potential leak points. Inspired by the comfort of Nike running shoes, a Nike Lunarlon midsole shaves weight, maximizes comfort and increases mobility. A zoned sticky and hard rubber outsole renders any terrain null and void and helps to ensure stability. Lastly, a sealed medial zip makes for easy on-and-off and releases a removable bootie that keeps the foot warm and dry after a hard day’s wear.

“When looking for inspiration I researched Russian design and was drawn to traditional Matryoshka Stacking Dolls. The idea of modularity and pulling things apart to create a system that is stronger is perfect for creating a warmer product, much like a waterproof shell and insulated liner.”

A recent trip to Japan also bolstered VanHook’s creativity.

“In Japan it’s customary to take your shoes off before entering some restaurants or anyone’s home. From there I imagined someone trekking mud all over my house. Creating a system with an insulated liner that can be removed from the outer shell allows you to take your boots off at the front door while keeping your booties on for warmth and traction."

Veneering an amalgamation of innovation, waterproof leather overlays contrast the tech savvy upper with the look and feel of a classic leather boot that gets better as it ages.
The Nike LunarTerra Arktos will be available at your local Nike Sportswear retailer beginning in October.

A limited release of the black LunarTerra Arktos is available today on nike.com.

Source Nike

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New products : Atomic skis announces its first ever apparel line

Ogden, UT, Sep 27, 2013 -
The highly-anticipated expansion is built by skiers, for skiers and will launch in January, 2014

Building on its long-standing expertise in skiing, Atomic is proud to launch its first-ever line of ski apparel. The collection is built by skiers for skiers and is designed for the fast-growing world of progressive all-mountain skiing. The concept is inspired by elite freeskiing but is more accessible. In addition to keeping skiers warm and dry, Atomic apparel is engineered to actively help skiers enjoy a better all-round skiing experience by offering the best in mobility, comfort and style.

"This is a super exciting time for us at Atomic," says Atomic USA commercial and sales manager for apparel and gear, Ryan Hardy. "We are about to reveal the results of three years of development. It’s a fantastic skiwear collection and the next step in delivering our strategy—We are Skiing."


A highlight in the new Atomic apparel line is Stormfold technology, featured exclusively in the Cliffline Stormfold jacket. It’s a radical inside-out solution for the age-old problem of layering. The Cliffline Stormfold’s main jacket is a PrimaLoft®midlayer, while the jacket’s storm shell is tucked away into a back pocket that can be easily accessed in seconds as the conditions demand. Stormfold is the industry’s first-ever foldaway shell innovation


In addition to Stormfold technology, the Atomic range brings three significant benefits to skiers: ski fit, lightweight fabrics and climate control.
  • Ski FitSince skiers move in a unique way, Atomic ski pants and jackets are carefully cut and shaped to match specific skiing positions. They give extra room and stretch in the important areas skiers need, like over the knees and around the shoulders. This enhances freedom of motion in crouching, bending and turning.
  • Lightweight FabricsAtomic has been working closely with its partners, Pertex® and PrimaLoft®– combining fabrics to create a solution that is the lightest weight possible without sacrificing strength, durability and warmth.
  • Climate ControlThe Atomic outerwear line addresses climate control by combining multi-layers, breathable fabrics and heat reflective materials in strategic areas. A clever take on venting, is realized with easy-to-reach vents at the front instead of under the arms. This results in an insulated top plus a convenient cooling option and free-flowing air on demand.


Atomic will unveil its new skiwear at the SnowSports Industries America trade show in January 2014 in Denver, Colorado. It will then be immediately available for the 2014 winter season for selected retail partners in Austria, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, UK and USA.


Freeski athlete Dana Flahr has played a big part in the development and testing of Atomic skiwear. Involved from the early stages, Flahr has been influential in determining the cut, materials and overall design, and has put the range through its paces on the steep spines of Alaska and club fields of New Zealand.  After joining Atomic in 2008, Flahr’s full-throttle skiing immediately impacted Atomic. 
"Being involved in Atomic’s product development on the ski and boot side of things, I am stoked to be working with Atomic on this exciting project and launching their skiwear. I am super confident that we will be delivering everything that like-minded skiers need and I can’t wait to see where it goes from here," says Flahr.

From the Redster Doubledeck, the fastest race ski in the world, to the Bent Chetler, the cult powder ski by Chris Benchetler, to Hawx, the most popular medium-fit boot worldwide, Atomic is driving progress in every ski discipline. This new skiwear range is the latest innovation to come from Altenmarkt.
To find out more about the bigger Atomic story and the brand’s passion for progress, visit http://www.atomic.com

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Business news : Elio Motors Makes Progress in Helmet Exemption Legislation

DETROIT, MI – September 26, 2013 –  Louisiana is the most recent state to declare helmet exemption for the Elio, which is federally classified as an enclosed motorcycle. House Bill 218 was unanimously approved in Louisiana, where the Elio will be manufactured, in late June. New York also has an exemption on the books, allowing the Elio to be driven around the progressive state without a helmet.

Another legislative success is quickly emerging. Michigan Senate Bill 390 was recently passed, and is expected to pass through the House unanimously, following Louisiana’s lead. This is good news for the company, which will base their corporate headquarters out of the state. Louisiana, New York, and Michigan join 42 other states which allow the Elio to be driven sans helmet. Among the 5 states that technically require helmets to be worn while driving the Elio, are Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina, West Virginia, and Nebraska.

Elio Motors’ Vice President of Government Affairs, Joel Sheltrown says, “We are actively working with the five helmet states’ legislators to work through any issues they may have. Given our success in the other 45 states, we are optimistic about solving any issues we may face.” Sheltrown adds that Missouri, a helmet-state, has already identified bill sponsors and drafted legislation to exempt the Elio from their helmet laws.

About Elio

Elio Motors was born out of Paul Elio’s vision for an efficient and affordable revolutionary vehicle. The American made, three-wheel vehicle boasts 84 mpg on the highway and 49 mpg in the city, plus an anticipated 5-star safety rating. At $6,800, this vehicle is for everyone. For more information, please visit http://www.eliomotors.com or www.facebook.com/ElioMotors.


Business news : Amer Sports, Building brands profitably in all channels

The Amer Sports brands are selling more and more products directly to consumers in brand stores and web shops. “This year we are adding about 20 million euros to our total growth,” estimated Victor Duran at the Amer Sports Capital Market Day. Duran is Senior Vice President, B-to-C and Marketing. 

B-to-C commerce started in 2005 with the first Salomon store in Prague, Czech Republic. Arc’teryx then opened its first store in Montreal, Canada in 2008.

By 2009, Salomon had grown its direct sales to about 20 million euros.

“We had a promising concept for Salomon, but nothing we could industrialize. Since 2010 we have built the overall B-to-C strategy, then laid the foundation and now we have a scalable business model for all brands.”

Almost 60 per cent of consumers are already using multiple channels.

“If you want to be successful, you have to have a good presence in all the channels consumers are using. E-commerce and mobile commerce are important, but we also keep pushing our shop in shops, expand our brand stores and keep testing pop-up stores and e-commerce in stores. Branded shopping is one of the key elements if you want to create a high class shopping experience.”

So far Salomon has been the test laboratory in direct sales to consumers.´Now the business models and platforms are expanded to other brands.

Since 2010, Amer Sports has established a retail platform that can service all brands. Salomon has continued expanding and the company is validating the Arc’teryx model. The first Arc’teryx brand store was opened in Montreal a year ago.

“In the end of this year we have Arc’teryx stores also in London, Vancouver, Seattle and Shanghai. We will monitor their performance and once they meet our target performance levels, we will begin a measured expansion, like we have with Salomon.”

The company has also established an E-commerce platform. Since 2011, it has launched Salomon, Suunto, and Arc’teryx in most of Europe and North America. It has also launched Wilson and DeMarini in the US.

“In E-commerce we have made one of the fastest launches the industry has seen. All brands are operating on a common platform. “

Recently more effort has been set on the products and assortment.

“A key element of our strategy has been to create dedicated buying and merchandising teams. They make sure that we always have the right products in the right place. This year dedicated B-to-C products have hit the shelves and are having a clear impact, helping us deliver comparative store sales growth of over 7 per cent. We are starting to behave like a real retailer.”

Brand stores and E-commerce must be linked to overall business, Duran emphasized. E-commerce and brand stores drive brand loyalty and awareness. Experience and several studies have also showed that e-commerce and brand stores have already created growth in traditional channels, too.

“We are not talking about a marketing exercise. The role of B-to-C is to drive disproportionate growth profitably.  We have done this for the past three years, reaching nearly 100 million euros and adding some 20 million euros in revenue this year.  Our plan is to continue on this glidepath.”

What about the future years?

“We now have a strong retail and e-commerce foundation that we can build on. Currently, Salomon is our first true multi-channel brand, present in brand stores, factory outlets, and e-commerce. Now we are starting the same process with Arc’teryx. We have launched e-commerce and factory Outlets and are now in the process of validating the brand store model. As our other brands build their softgoods offer, we can take the same approach with them as well."

Source Amer Sports

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Business news : Chomarat joins Rossignol skis and Arkema

Michel Cognet , Chomarat CEO
Chomarat textile industries in Cheylard , just join the chemist Arkema and ski manufacturer Rossignol, to launch the " Compacryl 2" project. Objective: To replace conventional composite materials by a revolutionary new resin, especially in the manufacture of skis. A project to sustain the activity of each company.

Chomarat textile industries , based in Cheylard , will participate in the project " Compacryl 2" , research and collaborative development . Combining such Chomarat specialist reinforcements for thermoplastic composites, the ski manufacturer Rossignol, and chemist Arkema , the project aims to replace composite commonly used in the manufacture of skis with a new acrylic resin . The latter in particular facilitate recycling gliding boards and reduce the volume of waste during manufacture . Advanced technology and innovative , which can be reproduced in numerous applications . The project, valued at € 6.18 million , is ambitious, but was able to convince the government, sought up to 2, 22 million.


For the technical prowess adds a promise: to sustain hundreds of jobs in Rhône -Alpes , whose 540 employees Chomarat in Ardèche.

Attacked in its traditional markets , particularly by Asian competitors Chomarat was shaken by a backup plan in employment last year. But the group was " still continued to invest in new technologies ," explains Michel Cognet , CEO of the group . He adds: " In a country like France , if we do not work on the topic of innovation, then it becomes difficult to continue in the long term." Chomarat therefore hopes to conquer new markets with high added value . Besides " Compacryl 2" , the company continues Boutières and other projects. In collaboration with American universities , she tries to change the composite materials, especially in aeronautics. A winning strategy according to its CEO : " We have contacts with big names such as Dassault aviation , but also in motorsport ," he said.

Chomarat The group in brief
Activity: production of technical textiles
Created: 1898
Implementation : The Cheylard in Ardèche ( historical site), Spain, Tunisia, the United States and China
Turnover: € 146 million in 2012
Employees: 1,500 employees worldwide, including 540 in Ardeche
Net income: NC
Allocation of capital : 100% owned by the family Chomarat

Source ledauphine.com by Amandine BRIOUDE

New products : O’Neill Announces Jeremy Jones’ Eco Outerwear, Seb Toots’ Kit, & Newschoolers Collaboration Hitting Retail Now

Montreal, Canada (September 26, 2013) – O’Neill, the original surf, snow and youth lifestyle brand for more than 60 years, is happy to welcome back winter and unveil its 2013-14 winter collection in stores for the snow season, featuring styles that top athletes such as Jeremy Jones, Seb Toots, David Wise, Aspen Spora, Iris Lazz, Max Parrot, Brody Leven and Sandy Boville will be wearing on and off mountains around the world.

Following a busy spring and summer for Team O’Neill athletes and designers, the O’Neill 2013-14 winter gear is ready to dominate the powder of North America with the Explore, Freedom and Adventure series. The newest collection includes a wider range of jackets, pants, fleece, beanies and more for men, women and kids, including a selection of gloves and packs, available in the O’Neill winter lineup for the first time. 

New color patterns, fits (Regular, Long, Mountaineering, Parka) and a unique mix of materials, including denim, canvas, wool and fur offer a more diverse look throughout the collection. Legendary Tahoe snowboarder Jeremy Jones returns with two signature jackets and two pants, while Sochi 2014 gold medal hopefuls Seb Toots and David Wise will feature their own signature gear.

“Our athletes and designers came together to create the best collection yet, a really cool combination of outerwear that fits and performs impeccably throughout the season,” said O’Neill’s Jimmy Adams. “We wanted to incorporate more styles that reflect the diversity of our athlete team and fashionable looks that can transition seamlessly from slopes to streets. The Adventure Series is a great example of how we support outdoor living and discovery beyond the mountains.”

Highlights from the O’Neill 2013-14 apparel line include:

- Jeremy Jones collection — 

2 and 3-layer shells that Jeremy helped design, and will wear in upcoming shoots for his next film, ‘Higher,’ in Nepal, Alaska and other global locations. Jones’ 3L jacket is the pinnacle piece in O’Neill’s technical line, featuring 20/20  waterproofing and breathability. His 2L shell was created in collaboration with artist Mike Ennen and features black-and-white mountain designs. A new twist on the popular Jones Packable Down jacket will be a favorite for on and off the mountain. All jackets and pants are made from eco-friendly materials and support Protect Our Winters, the environmental organization Jones founded in 2008. Earlier this spring, Jones was honored by the White House as a ‘Champion of Change’ for his environmental efforts on behalf of POW.

- David Wise and Seb Toots

both athletes were heavily involved in the design and creation of their signature styles, which include a mix of fashion and function. The first-ever David Wise jacket celebrates the two-time X Games gold medalist with a long fit for his  freestyle skiing and five colorway options. For his newest signature kit, Toots included a long fit blue and beige mix with camo designs  and his signature ‘ST’ logo. Seb’s collection also includes new superfleece, sweatshirt and tee designs.

-Women’s and Kids highlights – 

led by Tahoe-based snowboarder Iris Lazz, the popular Sparkle jacket, Alfabravo Hyperfleece and Blazer pant are a must for fashion-forward female boarders, along with Adventure Series street styles for off the mountain, featuring the Journey Parka with a long fit and fur hood. An expanded kids collection features a number of jackets, bibs fullsuits, fleece and  beanies with fun, bright and colorful patterns to stand out on the mountain.

- O’Neill x Newschoolers collection – 

featuring two jackets and two fleece styles, all inspired by the growing freeski movement and  Team O’Neill freeskiers, Wise, Aspen Spora and the newest team member, Sandy Boville. More info about the Newschoolers collab  here: 


Also kicking off the 2013-14 season is O’Neill’s #RideMore social media campaign, which encourages fans to post photos, GIFs or  videos of their favorite urban spots to ride and replicate pro tricks, using handles and hashtags such as @teamoneill, #ridemore,  #trickmore and #followtheleader. O’Neill will choose winning entries throughout the season, which includes O’Neill gear and the  chance to ride with Team O’Neill athletes such as Seb Toots and Jeremy Jones. More info, including all #ridemore videos and  contest details, will be available on October 15th at www.oneill.com/ridemore

Team O’Neill also experienced a busy off-season, some highlights: Skier and all-around outdoorsman Brody Leven has been spanning  the globe, with mountaineering excursions to Denali National Park in Alaska, Montana’s Glacier Country and Iceland; and 12-year old 

Aspen Spora recently dropped his 2012 season edit, which showcases the Tahoe skier riding the rails and jumps in Oregon, California and at X Games Aspe.

All O’Neill 2013-14 apparel is available now at www.oneilleshop.ca, along with retailers throughout the U.S. and Canada. For more information about O’Neill apparel, athletes, events and campaigns, visit the O’Neill Facebook and Twitter page.

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New products : Suzuki introduces six motorcycle models including middle and large displacement models in Thailand

September 25, 2013 –  Suzuki Motor Corporation’s subsidiary, Thai Suzuki Motor Co., Ltd. (TSM), who manufactures and distributes motorcycles and outboard motors in Thailand, has announced to introduce six motorcycle models including middle and large displacement models, and start their sales from November 2013.

Currently, TSM mainly produces and distributes small displacement motorcycles (110~125cm3), which are used for daily transportation. But due to the increase of income and changes in lifestyles in the recent years, demand for motorcycles with high pleasure is increasing in the Thai motorcycle market.
In order to meet such demand, TSM had been importing and distributing two large displacement motorcycle models, the Hayabusa and the GSX-R1000 from Japan as CBU units. With the introduction of the six models, TSM will expand their lineup and sales.

Of the six models, three models, the Burgman 125 / Burgman 200 and the GW250 will be produced and assembled at TSM’s plant, and the remaining three models, the VanVan125, the Gladius 650 ABS, and the V-Strom 650 ABS will be imported from Japan as CBU units.

The Burgman 125 / Burgman 200 are planned to be exported worldwide including Europe, North America, and Oceania.

Six models to be introduced by TSM
Thai production
Burgman 125/200, GW250 (three models)
Japan production
VanVan125, Gladius 650 ABS, V-Strom 650 ABS (three models)
Overview of Thai Suzuki Motor Co., Ltd.
Satoshi Uchida
Location of the headquarters:
March 1967
Number of employees:
Approx. 1,500 (as of the end of March 2013)
Capital amount:
607.35 million baht (Suzuki investment 97.52%)
Business description:
Distribution and manufacturing of motorcycles and outboard motors
Motorcycles (110~250cm3 underbone, scooter, and backbone)

Outboard motors (2.5~20 HP 4-stroke and 2-stroke)
Production result:
Approx. 77,000 units of motorcycles (FY2012)

About Suzuki:

Starting business in 1909 as Suzuki Loom Works, the firm was incorporated in 1920. Since foundation Hamamatsu, Japan, SUZUKI has steadily grown and expanded. During the post-W.W.II period, our motorized bike 'Power free'* which earned a good reputation was followed by our 125cc motorcycle 'Colleda', and later by the pioneering 'Suzulight'* lightweight car that helped bring Japan's automotive revolution. Each of these was epoch-making in their own right as they were developed and manufactured by optimizing the most advanced technologies of that period. Today, constantly going forward to meet changing lifestyles, the SUZUKI name is seen on a full range of motorcycles, automobiles, outboard motors and related products such as motorized wheelchairs and industrial equipment. The mark trademark is recognized by people throughout the world as a brand of quality products that offer both reliability and originality. SUZUKI stands behind this global symbol with a sure determination to maintain this confidence in the future as well, never stopping in creating such advanced 'value-packed products'.

*This and following model names are for products marketed in Japan. 

Source Suzuki Motors Global

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Retail and business news : Crocs Hires European Retail Manager

Crocs Inc. has appointed Tim Lyons, previously director of Nike’s factory stores throughout western Europe, to head its European retail operation.

According to www.retail-week.com, Lyons, who also worked for Marks & Spencer and Gap, will be responsible for Crocs’ 115 owned stores and 98 franchise stores across 45 countries. He will report to Crocs’ European commercial director Ann Chan.

Crocs Europe managing director Vince Gunn said: “Our retail business continues to be key to our strategy of repositioning the Crocs brand in Europe. Tim’s vast retail experience, gained within global organizations, will deliver additional strength in our plans to achieve this.”

Through Sportsonesource

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Retail news : The wellknown US running brand, New Balance Opens Barcelona Experience Store as Global Retail Footprint Gathers Pace

September 26th, 2013 BOSTON, MA - 
New Balance, the global performance footwear and athletic brand has opened a new global experience retail store in Barcelona, continuing the company's drive to accelerate the company's global retail programme. Celebrating the global brand's past, present and future, New Balance proudly highlights its heritage and product innovation to bring its brand retail experience to life.

The striking 375m2 Barcelona store features a visually stunning internal design concept, engineered to reflect the heritage and prestige of the brand's 107 year history, whilst offering New Balance aficionados a memorable experience where they can find the widest and latest range of New Balance footwear and apparel.

Alan Hed, New Balance's Exec VP International, said: "We are delighted to open our Experience store here in Barcelona, which is already becoming a meeting place for runners and New Balance enthusiasts alike and provides a strong retail footprint for New Balance through innovation, craftsmanship and authenticity."

In line with New Balance's passion for and expertise in running, the store, located on the city's stylish Rambla De Catalunya, is themed around performance; referencing a stadium, track and arena which reflects the grit of an urban environment. The location and store, with its modernist façade and impressive inner space, provide the perfect blend of innovation and tradition to tell the New Balance story. Developed entirely by New Balance's in-house design team, the concept augments the original fabric of the building in which it is housed with reclaimed materials from New Balance's UK and US factories, celebrating the brand's passion for craftsmanship and creativity.

New Balance is currently the only major shoe company to manufacture athletic footwear in the US and the UK. The store will be home to a number of exciting New Balance collections, from its range of performance running shoes, to lifestyle models including sought after 'Made In The UK' and 'Made In The USA' collections and a new range of stylish lifestyle apparel. The store will also offer an exclusive Barcelona edition of the iconic 991 Made in the UK shoe to compliment the official launch celebration. The store further reflects on New Balance's proud history, from its beginnings in 1906 right through until the present day through a New Balance DNA ribbon stretching through the store.

Taking visitors on an impactful chronological journey documenting the brand's powerful past, present and future, the ribbon uses vintage and modern images, taking in everything from the New Balance history of manufacturing right up to its current technology-led 'Runnovation' campaigns.

The result is an inspired theatre ideally suited to display the New Balance's range of athletic shoes and lifestyle classics, whilst reflecting its unmatched reputation for performance, heritage and style. The opening of the store comes against a backdrop of increased global sales by the company as the continued popularity of New Balance running products is complemented by sustainable growth in the lifestyle market.

The company opened its first Experience Store in Beijing in August, 2009 and more recently opened Experience Stores in New York City in August, 2011 and in Boston in April, 2012.

About New Balance 

New Balance, headquartered in Boston, MA has the following mission: Demonstrating responsible leadership, we build global brands that athletes are proud to wear, associates are proud to create and communities are proud to host. New Balance is currently the only major shoe company that manufactures athletic footwear in the U.S. with 25% of our U.S. footwear shipments produced at five New England facilities. The company also operates a manufacturing facility in Flimby, U.K. New Balance employs more than 4,000 associates around the globe, and in 2012 reported worldwide sales of $2.39 billion.

To learn more about how New Balance Makes Excellent Happen, please visit http://www.newbalance.com

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Press news : Patagonia Launches "The Responsible Economy" Campaign, Celebrates 40 Years of Environmental and Social Firsts

Leaders from outdoor apparel company Patagonia announced its new campaign, The Responsible Economy, and outlined its numerous environmental and social “firsts” since being founded 40 years ago. 

New York City, NY September 24, 2013
Leaders from outdoor apparel company Patagonia today announced its new campaign, The Responsible Economy, and outlined its numerous environmental and social “firsts” since being founded 40 years ago.

“Patagonia’s mission is to ‘inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis,’” said Rick Ridgeway, Patagonia Vice President of Environmental Affairs. “There are two vital concepts in that statement: we implement our own solutions and we inspire others to follow our lead.”

Based in Ventura, Calif., Patagonia has become a leader by implementing many environmental and social firsts that include:
  •     using only organic cotton for all its cotton products since 1996;
  •     redefining corporate transparency through its Footprint Chronicles® website documenting what is working in the supply chain, what’s not, and steps the company is doing to address its challenges;
  •     launching its Common Threads Partnership, which invites customers to take mutual responsibility for the entire life cycle of the company’s products through the 5 R’s: reduce, repair, reuse, recycle, and reimagine;
  •     becoming the first brand member of the bluesign® system;
  •     being one of the first companies in California to switch to wind energy upon deregulation and adding on-site solar energy systems;
  •     being the first company in California to incorporate as a Benefit Corporation, institutionalizing its core values in its Charter and Articles of Incorporation;
  •     launching $20 Million & Change, a fund to help like-minded responsible start-up companies; and
  •     becoming one of the first U.S. outdoor apparel companies to introduce Fair Trade Certified™ garments (for fall 2014).
In addition, over the years Patagonia has co-founded 1% for the Planet®, Freedom to Roam, The Conservation Alliance, and the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, and is a founding member of the Fair Labor Association. It has given more than $55 million in grants and in-kind donations to date to more than 1000 environmental organizations through its grants program.

Patagonia was one of the first to use hemp, recycled nylon, recycled polyester, and Tencel® (lyocell). Its most recent initiative is working with The Nature Conservancy and Ovis XXI, representing fifth-generation ranchers, to regenerate overgrazed grasslands in Patagonia, Argentina, where it sources its merino wool. The company takes responsibility for every garment at the end of its life by taking it back for recycling or repurposing.

“On a daily basis, we actively pursue our mission statement’s provision to ‘cause no unnecessary harm,’” stated Jill Dumain, Patagonia’s Director of Environmental Strategy. “At every step we ask ourselves, ‘How does this fiber or input affect the environment we live in and the people making the products and how can we reduce that impact?’”

The new environmental campaign, The Responsible Economy, challenges the assumption that an economy based on growth and increased consumption is tantamount to prosperity.

The company notes that every year, humans use the earth’s resources at a rate nearly one and a half times faster than nature can replace essential “services” such as clean water, clean air, arable land, healthy fisheries, and the stable climate all businesses and societies depend on.

"If the population climbs from 7 to 9 billion people by 2050 and, even more importantly, our growing and increasingly global high-consumption economy continues to draw down our natural resources, we will exceed the planet’s capacity by 300 to 500 percent, putting us into ecological bankruptcy,” notes Vincent Stanley, co-author with Yvon Chouinard of The Responsible Company.

“How do we reverse this decline before it becomes sudden catastrophe? How do those of us in business confront this challenge yet remain in business?” he added. “Patagonia doesn’t claim to have the answers, but we do want to start a conversation so all of us – business, government, and civil society – can collectively find the answers.”

To confront the “elephant in the room” – growth-dependent capitalism – Patagonia will promote the concept that everyone must learn to consume less and use resources far more productively – as well as innovate as quickly and ingeniously as possible to reduce adverse human impact on the natural systems that support all life.

Patagonia will be the first major company to raise this topic with its customers, business leaders, and a general audience. The campaign was inspired by the enormous response to its provocative “Don’t Buy This Jacket” full-page ad in the New York Times on Black Friday, 2011, when it asked customers to think twice whether they needed a new jacket, and by its recent “Better Than New” ad in the same paper celebrating the re-sale of well-used, long-surviving Patagonia clothing.

About Patagonia:

Patagonia, Inc., based in Ventura, California, is a leading designer and retailer of core outdoor, alpine, fly fishing, snow, surf and sport-related apparel, equipment, footwear and accessories. The company is recognized internationally for its commitment to authentic product quality and environmental activism, contributing over $55 million in grants and in-kind donations to date. Incorporating environmental responsibility into product development, the company has, since 1996, used only organically grown cotton in its clothing line. The company’s entire product line is recyclable through its Common Threads Partnership. The Footprint Chronicles® at http://www.patagonia.com/us/footprint explores the company's environmental and social footprint.

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Business people : Billabong appoints Acting Europe General Manager

Jean-Louis Rodrigues (Billabong), Frédéric Basse (Rip Curl / EuroSIMA),
Franco Fogliato (Columbia sportswear Ex Billabong)
copyright Eurosima
Jean-Louis Rodrigues, Retail Director Europe, has been appointed Acting General Manager Europe.

Jean-Louis has extensive experience in the action sports industry, including senior roles at Reebok, Quiksilver and O’Neill where he was the General Manager for southern Europe. Since joining Billabong in 2008, Jean-Louis has managed Billabong's European retail business.

He takes on the role pending a review of the Company's leadership structure by newly appointed CEO Neil Fiske.

Mr Fiske, who this week met with Jean Louis and members of the wider European team in Hossegor, said; “Having spent time with him this week I have full confidence in the ability of Jean Louis and his leadership team to move the European business forward. He is a highly capable leader, well respected across the organisation and will bring an intense focus on customer service across a portfolio of great brands.”

Jean-Louis said; "I’m very excited and very honoured to lead the Group in Europe. I’m confident we will continue gaining market share within the actions sports market.”

Mr Fiske travelled to Europe after earlier holding meetings with brand head’s, senior executives and briefing the wider team at Billabong's Irvine offices in Southern California. Early next week he will be at Billabong's Gold Coast headquarters to undertake further meetings and team briefings.

"In my conversations with a range of people to date there has been a consistent theme of wanting to make positive change at pace," said Mr Fiske. "We will be moving with speed, across the business globally, to put in place specific plans to reinvest in and reenergise our brands."

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Business poeple: Sierra Designs hires Chase Schofield to newly created Product Designer position

BOULDER, COLO., Sep 25, 2013 -
Sierra Designs hires Chase Schofield to newly created Product Designer position
Schofield is the latest addition to a growing team driven to create “better and different” outdoor equipment and apparel

BOULDER, COLO. – Sierra Designs, industry leader in outdoor equipment and apparel innovation, is proud to announce the recent hiring of Chase Schofield to the newly created Product Designer position.

Bringing with him over seven years of design experience, Schofield is tasked with helping create the next generation of tents, sleeping bags, and backpacks for Sierra Designs.   With a core mission to build backpacking gear that is both ‘better and different’ than anything else on the market, Sierra Designs will look to Schofield to design gear from scratch instead of simply improving on existing designs.

“Our team believes that Chase has the courage to challenge everything and everyone, the confidence required to expose himself to higher risks, and the fearlessness and passion that is required to create new realities within the outdoor industry,” says Michael Glavin, VP and Brand Manager for Sierra Designs.  “With extensive design experience in outdoor and beyond, we have no doubts he will be a great addition to our growing team.”

Schofield’s new position is effective immediately.  He will work primarily on new equipment with additional responsibilities extending to overall brand design and aesthetic.
The Sierra Designs brand recently relaunched with a new management team and product offering that is already drawing attention within the outdoor industry and beyond.  The entire 2014 line embodies the brand’s mission to create backpacking gear that is better and different than anything on the market.

With a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Art Institute of Colorado, Schofield spent the last three years designing highlight equipment for well-respected outdoor equipment brands Kelty and Slumberjack.

About Sierra Designs:

Founded in 1965 at the beginning of the golden age of backpacking and climbing, Sierra Designs draws on an extensive heritage to create innovative, technologically-advanced outdoor equipment to compliment any active, outdoor lifestyle. With years of experience designing best in class tents, sleeping bags, and apparel, Sierra Designs has been to every corner of the world, from the highest peaks in the Himalaya to the campground down the road. Whether you’re an ultralight hiker, world-class mountaineer, or recreational camper, Sierra Designs has you covered. (www.SierraDesigns.com).

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Business news : Global Golf Equipment and Consumables Industry

Reportbuyer.com just published a new market research report: Global Golf Equipment and Consumables Industry

London  September 26, 2013
This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Golf Equipment and Consumables in US$ Million. The US market for Golf Equipment & Consumables is also analyzed by the following Segments: Golf Clubs, Golf Balls, Golf Bags & Golf Apparel, and Others.

The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of World. Annual estimates and forecasts are provided for the period 2010 through 2018. Also, a six-year historic analysis is provided for these markets.

The report profiles 241 companies including many key and niche players such as Aldila, Inc., Amer Sports Corporation, Wilson Sporting Goods Company, Bridgestone Golf, Inc., Callaway Golf Company, Dixon Golf, Dunlop Sports Co. Ltd., Roger Cleveland Golf Company Inc., Etonic, Fila Golf, Golfsmith International, Inc., Hippo Golf, Mizuno USA Inc., Nike, Inc., PING Inc., Taylor Made Golf Company, Inc., Adams Golf, and True Temper Sports Inc.

Market data and analytics are derived from primary and secondary research. Company profiles are primarily based on public domain information including company URLs.

Read the full report:

Global Golf Equipment and Consumables Industry

For more information:

Sarah Smith / Research Advisor at Reportbuyer.com / Email: query@reportbuyer.com
Tel: +44 208 816 85 48 / Website: http://www.reportbuyer.com

Business news : State Bicycle Co. Teams with Canada Distributor – Killemall

State Bicycle Co. expands their operation in Canada. 

Tempe, AZ (PRWEB) September 27, 2013
State Bicycle Co. is proud to announce its partnership with Killemall Distribution of Canada, a company known for its dedication to the cycling community with more than 30 years BMX bicycles experience throughout Canada. They’ve also built a solid reputation for promoting BMX events over the last nine years in Canada.

Killemall distributes quality bikes like Deluxe BMX, Academy, Colony, Division Brand, BSD and S-One Helmets. Now they will add State Bicycle Co. bicycles to their lineup and will be the official distributor for State brands in Canada.

State Bicycle Co. is a fixed gear/single-speed bicycle company with roots in Tempe, AZ. The company is lauded for its high quality, limited run and affordable bicycles and parts. State Bicycle Co. also has a reputation for its stylish clothing, cycling apparel and lifestyle items. The company is excited about this new venture and the rider owned and operated focus they share with Killemall.

Killemall distributes its products across Canada. They have also had a big hand in innovating the BMX culture in Canada, as well as getting street wear and sneakers across the great white north. Killemall has also taken a grass roots, guerrilla marketing approach in Canada and has successfully promoted the longest running BMX event series in Canada, which has had a nine-year run.

Bicycle enthusiasts in the U.S. have asked for State Bicycle Co. products by name for years. This partnership with Killemalls allows State Bicycle Co. to build the same reputation with cycling enthusiasts to the north. The company already has tens of thousands of followers on Facebook and Twitter, which are helping to spread the word about State Bicycle Co.’s quality products. To date, State Bicycle Co. has nearly 400,000 “likes” on Facebook. Photographs of the stylish bicycles have also attracted a robust following of 22,000 on State’s Instagram.

A glance at State’s website, http://www.statebicycle.com, makes true believers out of skeptics. The design of the bikes is sleek and barebones but classic and stylish. It’s no wonder that the subculture embracing the fixed-gear bicycles have chosen State Bicycle Co. as a go-to bike.

Professional cyclists in the U.S. and Canada, many of whom come from a track racing background, relied on fixed-gear bicycles in their training and endurance. Commuters and casual riders today enjoy the smooth ride, stripped down components and aesthetic qualities of the fixed gear and single speed bicycles.

Anyone who believed that the fixed-gear style was simply a trend is proven wrong – fixed gear and single speed bikes are here to stay, and State Bicycle Co. is leading the charge in the U.S., and thanks to Killemall, in Canada too.

For more information about Killemall Distribution, go to http://www.killemalldistro.com. They can be reached at info(at)Killemalldistro(dot)com or by phone at (604) 564-8495.

About State Bicycle Co.

State Bicycle Co. is a fixed gear/single speed bicycle company based out of Tempe, Arizona, dedicated to bringing the most attractive, high quality, and smooth riding fixed gear/single speed bicycles to the market at the lowest price possible. Each bicycle model offered is available only for 3 months to a year before it is "retired" and State Bicycle Co. releases a newly designed model to replace it -- when they're gone, they're gone.

For further information contact State Bicycle Co. at info(at)statebicycle(dot)com or by phone 1.855.557.8283.


Environement news : Nike and Puma Remain Among Top Users of Organic Cotton

Textile Exchange organization has published the 2012 Organic Cotton Market Report, which reports that 71 percent of respondents are planning to increase organic cotton production for 2013 and that additional sustainable fibers are also slated for growth.

The report also shows that C&A, Nudie Jeans, and Puma are prioritizing organic cotton on their preferred fibers lists. C&A and Puma both report that organic cotton provides solid environment credentials specifically in the area of water use. The HIGG Index 1.0 also places organic cotton ahead of conventional options.

Textile Exchange has included two Top Ten lists in the Market Report, one for organic cotton growth by volume and one for organic cotton percentage increase over the previous year. C&A tops both lists with 78 percent growth in 2012. This year’s Market Report’s Top Ten organic cotton users by volume are; C&A, H&M, Nike, Puma, Coop Swiss, Anvil, William-Sonoma, Inditex, Carrefour and Target, in order. For the first time, Top Ten users by volume had to consume over two million pounds of organic cotton to make it onto this list!

Another first is the Top Ten users by Percent Growth. The first time list includes C&A with a growth rate of 78 percent followed by Nudie Jeans at 69 percent. Other leaders driving growth include PUMA, Otto, Continental Clothing, Anvil, H&M, Bergman Rivera, Inditex, and Nike.

"We’re delighted that the Market Report shows that organic cotton credentials have been verified in studies by industry experts. These studies give credibility to the work we have done over the past 11 years to support the growth of the organic cotton market," said LaRhea Pepper, managing director at Textile Exchange.

A free executive summary of the report is available online.

Textile Exchange will host the 2013 Textile Sustainability Conference in Istanbul, Turkey Nov. 11-13, 2013. The title of this year’s conference is, "Sustainability: The Future is Now - Unifying Our Industry through Integration and Collaboration". The event will include top brands and retailers as well as industry authorities in textile sustainability.

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Business news : RAMP Sports Begins OEM Production

Sep. 26, 2013 - PARK CITY, Utah -- Park City, UT (September 26, 2013) – RAMP Sports is pleased to announce that it has begun development and production on three separate OEM orders for the upcoming ‘13/’14 Winter Season, illustrating the adaptability of RAMP’s patent pending production methods, as well as highlighting the relevance of US ski manufacturing.

“OEM production has always been part of our strategy,” said Mike Kilchenstein, Founder and CESnow of RAMP Sports. “With our new machinery and efficient production process, it has finally become a reality. Our goal for the ‘13/’14 season was to do 15% of our production in OEM and we've met that goal.  We are really excited it includes export business with very big growth potential on a state of the art ultralight alpine touring ski.”

OEM orders for winter ‘13/’14 include runs of Bud Light branded skis and snowboards, Midwest based Iridium Skis has contracted for five models of skis, and the French company Raid Light which has tasked RAMP to make the world’s lightest alpine touring ski. The export to France marks a significant moment in US production and represents a modest reversal in the ski manufacturing trend.

With this season’s orders already in place, RAMP has already seen a great deal of interest from several national and international brands for winter ‘14/’15, attracted to their state-of-the-
art facility, quality product and industry leading environmental practices.

For more information about OEM orders contact RAMP Sports though www.rampsports.com


RAMP Website: www.RAMPSports.com

RAMP on Facebook: www.facebook.com/RAMPsports

RAMP on Twitter: www.twitter.com/RAMPsports

RAMP on Pinterest: www.pinterst.com/RAMPsports

About RAMP Sports

Based in Park City, UT, RAMP Sports is a ski and snowboard manufacturer‑and SUP dealer‑bringing expertly handcrafted gear to customers at factory direct prices. RAMP is 100% Utah based company from design and development to production, in its state of the art facility in Park City. RAMP is skier and rider owned making top-quality skis and boards using groundbreaking manufacturing techniques. Please visit http://www.rampsports.com/ for more information.
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New product :Wilderness Systems Ride 115X Sets a New Standard in Kayak Angling

GREENVILLE, S.C. , Sep 25, 2013 -
Wilderness Systems unveils the Ride 115X, an unparalleled angling kayak package, available at retailers starting September 2013. The Ride 115X features the same stability, maneuverability and capacity anglers have come to know and love in the Ride 115, with a “wish list” of design features and accessory upgrades just for fishing.

Working closely with well-known kayak angler, Chad Hoover, and other members of its Pro Staff, Wilderness Systems took all the best qualities of the extremely popular Ride 115 and added highly customizable features to make it the ideal fishing kayak.

New features of the Ride 115X include a removable console that reveals a large pass through the hull, including a battery storage area. Eight inches of SlideTrax along the stern tankwell and under the removable console, and the increased bulkhead width, provide more flexibility for mounting accessories. Security bars on the stern provide excellent options for securing gear with web straps or carabiners, and a stand up assist strap eases the transition from a seated to standing position.

Add the Phase 3® AirPro, the most innovative and comfortable seating system on the market (available in standard, Advance or Advance Angler options), and you have the perfect yak angling machine. The Ride 115X Advance and Advance Angler come with the Phase 3 AirPro Advance seat, an elevated seat with 4” of height for better visibility.

Features & Benefits:
  • Rigid aluminum carry handles with foam comfort sleeves
  • Additional scupper tube for increased support in the standing area
  • Replace deck fitting with security bars on the stern for greater flexibility in securing gear with web straps or carabiners
  • Removable console that reveals a large pass through the hull, including a battery storage area and molded-in inserts allowing for quick installation of a transducer battery and head unit
  • 8” SlideTrax™along the stern tankwell and under the removable console
  • Stand Up Assist strap to ease in transitioning from a seated to standing position
  • Increased bulkhead widthto provide more flexibility in mounting accessories
  • Available in nine colors

Ride 115X Ride 115X Advance Ride 115X Advance Angler
Length 11’6” 11'6" 11'6"
Width 33” 33" 33"
Deck Height 16.5” 16.5” 16.5”
Capacity 500 lbs. 500 lbs. 500 lbs.
Weight 80 lbs.  80 lbs. 80 lbs.
MSRP $1,029 $1,059 $1,229


Wilderness Systems Angler Packages: 
Available on all angler models, Wilderness Systems kayak angler packages get a significant facelift for 2014. The new angler packages are designed to make it even easier to bring home the big one, no matter what rig you need that day.

Complete with a factory installed Yak Attack Mighty Mount™, 1.5” and 1” Yak Attack Screwballs™, a Yak Attack Zooka Tube and a Yak Attack VISICarbon Pro™, the new angler packages create an out-of-the-box platform that allow anglers to easily build a highly customized, fully outfitted boat.
Available in angler editions for the Commander 120 and 140, Pungo 120 and 140, Ride 115, 115X and 135, and the Tarpon 100, 120, 140 and 160.

About Wilderness Systems:

Innovative designs tuned for performance, premium outfitting, and superlative quality have aligned Wilderness Systems boats with the most acclaimed paddling experiences in the world. Since 1986, Wilderness Systems has pushed the limits of design and innovation, by refusing to compromise. A Wilderness Systems kayak offers the ultimate in performance and design for the recreational boater to the expedition paddler. Taking that same drive into the angling market, Wilderness Systems fishing kayaks exemplify the ultimate experience for anglers. For the times you can’t be on water, experience Wilderness Systems at wildernesssystems.com and join the Wildy Community.

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Business news : Dufour Yachts, bailout approved by the Commercial Court !

Salvatore Serio, CEO Dufour Yachts
The Commercial Court of La Rochelle approved on Tuesday 24 September, the bailout of Dufour Yachts . It provides a change of shareholders, a deletion of part of the debt and a fresh injection of money by local authorities and French banks.

This bailout was made necessary by the withdrawal of the Italian shipyard Cantiere Del Pardo, which is a subsidiary Dufour . In the summer , this disengagement has led the direction of La Rochelle site to seek the help of local and French banks to ensure the future of the company and its 432 employees.

The bailout includes a portion of the bank debt incurred by Dufour Yachts with Italian banks is cleared : € 7.5 million the first year, 2 million the next. Totaling 9.5 million on a total debt of 20 million.

The other part of the rescue plan is in financial support from local authorities and French banks. The Poitou-Charentes region , the department of Charente -Maritime and the urban community of La Rochelle will bring a total of 4 million in the form of repayable advances secured by the real estate company . Another three million will be injected by three French banks ( Credit Agricole and Societe Generale CIC ) .

Finally, the current shareholders must transfer their title to a new joint stock company , called Newco, created by six frames Dufour Yachts whose current president, Salvatore Serio . It retains the majority stake in the new administrative and financial structure. In exchange for the transfer of ownership, Cantiere Del Pardo must make a write-off of EUR 3.3 million.

Dufour second manufacturer of pleasure boats in France behind the Beneteau Group , was under the control of Cantiere Del Pardo since 2001. A few months ago , the shareholders of Cantiere Del Pardo , investment Anchorage Advisors and Oaktree Capital, also owners of the Bavaria group funds , decided to sell the Italian shipyard and will inject more money. This has directly affected Dufour Yachts, strangled by a debt equivalent to half of its annual turnover.

By ouest-france.fr

Business news : NIKE, INC. Reports Fiscal 2014 First Quarter Results

Strong demand for NIKE, Inc. brands propelled revenue growth, and diluted earnings per share grew faster than revenue due to gross margin expansion, SG&A leverage, a lower tax rate and a lower average share count.

  • Revenues from continuing operations up 8 percent to $7.0 billion
  • Diluted earnings per share from continuing operations up 37 percent to $0.86
  • Worldwide futures orders up 8 percent, 10 percent growth excluding currency changes
  • Inventories as of August 31, 2013 up 6 percent

BEAVERTON, Ore., September 26, 2013 – NIKE, Inc. (NYSE:NKE) today reported financial results for its fiscal 2014 first quarter ended August 31, 2013. Strong demand for NIKE, Inc. brands propelled revenue growth, and diluted earnings per share grew faster than revenue due to gross margin expansion, SG&A leverage, a lower tax rate and a lower average share count.

"We had a great first quarter driven by our unrelenting commitment to delivering innovative products and services to athletes around the world,” said Mark Parker, President and CEO of NIKE, Inc. “Our powerful portfolio of businesses combined with unmatched leadership and resources allows us to capitalize on opportunities that drive long-term value for our shareholders. I am more excited than ever about our potential to continue to innovate with purpose, and fuel NIKE's growth."*

First Quarter Continuing Operations Income Statement Review

Starting in the first quarter of fiscal 2014, the Company changed the reporting structure for what was historically identified as Other Businesses. Hurley and NIKE Golf have been included in the overall financial results for the NIKE Brand and for individual geographies, reflecting the operational integration of these businesses into the NIKE Brand category offense. Converse will now be reported as a separate segment, reflecting the ongoing operation of this brand as a stand- alone business.
  • Revenues
  • for NIKE, Inc. increased 8 percent to $7.0 billion. Changes in foreign currency exchange rates did not have a significant impact on total reported revenue growth.
    • Revenues for the NIKE Brand were $6.5 billion, up 7 percent on a currency neutral basis, with growth in every product type and every geography except Greater China. For the first quarter, NIKE Brand revenues were higher in Running, Basketball, Football (Soccer) and Men’s Training, offsetting a slight decline in Sportswear.
    • Revenues for Converse were $494 million, up 16 percent on a currency neutral basis, driven by strong performance in our largest owned markets: the United Kingdom, North America and China. 

  • Gross margin increased 120 basis points to 44.9 percent. Gross margin benefitted from easing raw material costs, a shift in the mix of the Company’s revenues to higher margin products, lower discounts and growth in the higher margin Direct-to-Consumer business. These benefits were partially offset by higher labor costs and unfavorable changes in foreign exchange rates.

  • Selling and administrative expense was in line with the same period last year at $2.1 billion. Demand creation expense was $731 million, down 16 percent versus the prior year, which included higher spending supporting key product initiatives, as well as the Olympics and European Football Championships. Operating overhead expense increased 12 percent to $1.3 billion due to investments in digital innovation and other growth businesses, as well as higher Direct to Consumer costs driven by growth and new store openings.

    • Other expense, net was $28 million, comprised primarily of foreign currency exchange losses. For the quarter, the Company estimates the year-over-year change in foreign currency related gains and losses included in other expense (income), net, combined with the impact of changes in currency exchange rates on the translation of foreign currency-denominated profits, decreased pretax income by approximately $38 million.

    • The effective tax rate was 25.0 percent, compared to 26.9 percent for the same period last year, an improvement due primarily to a lower effective tax rate on operations outside the United States.

    • Net income increased 33 percent to $780 million while diluted earnings per share increased 37 percent to $0.86, reflecting a 1 percent decline in the weighted average diluted common shares outstanding.

    August 31, 2013 Balance Sheet Review for Continuing Operations

    • Inventories for NIKE, Inc. were $3.5 billion, up 6 percent from August 31, 2012. NIKE Brand wholesale unit inventories increased 8 percent to support future demand. Changes in foreign currency exchange rates and product cost drove approximately a 2 percentage point decline in NIKE, Inc. inventory growth.
    • Cash and short-term investments were $5.6 billion; $2.3 billion higher than last year mainly as a result of proceeds from the issuance of debt and sale of the Umbro and Cole Haan businesses in the prior fiscal year, in addition to higher net income and continued focus on working capital productivity.
    Share Repurchases 

    During the first quarter, NIKE, Inc. repurchased a total of 8.4 million shares for approximately $526 million as part of the four-year, $8 billion program approved by the Board of Directors in September 2012. As of the end of the first quarter, a total of 23.7 million shares had been repurchased under this program at a cost of approximately $1.3 billion.

    Futures Orders

    As of the end of the quarter, worldwide futures orders for NIKE Brand athletic footwear and apparel scheduled for delivery from September 2013 through January 2014 were 8 percent higher than orders reported for the same period last year. Excluding currency changes, reported orders would have increased 10 percent.*

    Conference Call

    NIKE management will host a conference call beginning at approximately 2:00 p.m. PT on September 26, 2013, to review first quarter results. The conference call will be broadcast live over the Internet and can be accessed at http://investors.nikeinc.com. For those unable to listen to the live broadcast, an archived version will be available at the same location through 9:00 p.m. PT, October 3, 2013.

    About NIKE, Inc

    NIKE, Inc., based near Beaverton, Oregon, is the world's leading designer, marketer and distributor of authentic athletic footwear, apparel, equipment and accessories for a wide variety of sports and fitness activities. Wholly-owned NIKE, Inc. subsidiaries include Converse Inc., which designs, markets and distributes athletic lifestyle footwear, apparel and accessories and Hurley International LLC, which designs, markets and distributes surf and youth lifestyle footwear, apparel and accessories. For more information, NIKE’s earnings releases and other financial information are available on the Internet at http://investors.nikeinc.com and individuals can follow @Nike.

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    Environment news : Act Global Forecasts Continued Growth in Synthetic Landscape Turf Driven by Environmental Benefits

    Company cites environmental advantages of synthetic grass to include saving water, preventing pesticide use and reducing lawn maintenance pollution. 

    Austin, TX September 26, 2013

    As consumers continue to seek environmentally-responsible solutions, many home and business owners have recognized synthetic turf as an attractive alternative. John Baize, director of leading artificial turf manufacturer Act Global, said that a growing number of people are seeking the company’s artificial landscape turf for its environmental benefits.

    “Artificial turf has been used for decades in sports fields for a variety of reasons, from improving the condition of worn out natural grass to extending playing time,” said Baize. “The realistic appearance of our synthetic landscape products, coupled with the environmental and maintenance benefits, has spurred rapid growth in this segment. We are projecting this trend to continue.”

    In fact, the Synthetic Turf Council identifies the landscape and recreation market as the fastest growing segment in the synthetic turf industry.

    Pesticides are widely used in commercial agriculture, as well as home and garden use, and are a growing public concern. According to Beyond Pesticides (beyondpesticides.org), 78 million households in the U.S. use pesticides. When using artificial grass, keeping a natural looking lawn requires no pesticides, water, or polluting lawn equipment.

    Here are a few studies regarding pesticides:

    Source: Beyond Pesticides
    •     Children take in more pesticides relative to body weight than adults, and their developing organ systems are more vulnerable and less able to rid of toxins.
    •     Studies have linked pesticides with hyperactivity, asthma, developmental delays, behavioral disorders, motor dysfunction, birth defects, neurotoxicity, liver or kidney damage and endocrine system disrupters.
    •     Studies have shown that dogs exposed to herbicide-treated lawns can increase their chance of developing canine lymphoma and bladder cancer.
    •     Of commonly used lawn pesticides, 16 are toxic to birds, 24 are toxic to aquatic organisms and 11 are deadly to bees.
    The Synthetic Turf Council estimates the total amount of synthetic turf installed in North America annually conserves close to a billion pounds of fertilizers and pesticides. The EPA notes runoff of pesticides and fertilizers is a principal cause of water pollution, which can cause algae blooms, depleted oxygen and damage to aquatic life.

    Global water supplies are also shrinking, and communities across the world are facing challenges in maintaining healthy and affordable water. Every square foot of natural grass replaced with turf can save 55 gallons of water per year.

    Baize stated that all Act Global’s products are responsibly sourced and proven safe for lead and other hazardous products. Their Xtreme Lawn artificial landscape turf features a thatch layer to resemble natural grass, and is available in a variety of colors and styles to match natural foliage. Visit Act Global’s website at http://www.ActGlobal.com to learn more about their artificial landscape grass or artificial sports turf.

    About Act Global

    Act Global, headquartered in Austin, Texas, is a world leader in synthetic turf and artificial grass manufacturing. The company’s monofilament and fibrillated artificial Xtreme Turf and Xtreme Lawn products replicate natural grass for use in international stadiums, indoor sport centers, airports, synthetic lawns and other synthetic grass uses. Its LiteEarth and AvTurf affiliations add capabilities for landfills and airport applications. Act Global has four manufacturing locations in USA, Europe and Asia and installations in over 70 countries. Act Global is notable for currently being the first company in the world that is a FIFA Preferred Producer for Football Turf, Synthetic Turf Council Certified Manufacturer and holds an ISO 9001 certification. Its products have undergone hundreds of independent laboratory tests for quality, durability and performance.

    By press release