Business news : Amer sports " Softgoods are boosting sales in Japan"

Text by Amer Sports

Strong recovery in Japan
“We are considerably ahead of last year. Amer Sports brands are really showing strong recovery in Japan”, says Keiichiro Torii, Country Manager, Amer Sports Japan.
The progress is particularly impressive in softgoods.
“We have had very strong growth in Salomon footwear and apparel. The tennis and badminton apparel with Japanese specifications are also growing steadily. ”
Torii has big expectations for this category.
“We already have two strong pillars, winter sports equipment and racket sports. Wilson Japan has done an excellent job here. Now the softgoods and footwear are clearly becoming the third pillar we need to stabilize our business.”
It is not an easy task, though. The Japanese market is competitive and fast moving. In addition to this, Tokyo is one of the global trend-setting cities, together with New York and Paris.
“Japanese consumers are hungry for innovation. They are always looking for new things. Many global companies know this and sometimes they pre-launch new products or new innovations here and watch how our sophisticated, trendy consumers react. But if you are successful here, it will be easier to win rest of the world.”
In winter sports equipment, Amer Sports is gaining market share in Japan.
“We have focused on reinforcing the brands. Thanks to this and our special strategic efforts for the Japanese markets, our two brands are delivering good results and we have gained market share.”
One corner stone in Amer Sports strategy is “win with consumers”.
“We are providing locally relevant products to the targeted segments. We are also going to have a consumer marketing function. I think this is a big opportunity for Amer Sports Japan.”
The most important retail channels for Amer Sports Japan are pro shops and national sporting good chains.
“We are further improving the quality of retail with in-store excellence,” Keiichiro Torii says.
A strong emphasis will be also set on own retail stores.
“We are expanding the number of direct brand shops to showcase our brands and factory outlets to close out.”

Website : http://www.amersports.com/

(Amer Sports " les Softgoods stimulent les ventes au Japon" / 阿米尔体育成衣品提高在日本的销售”/ Amer Sports "Softgoods kurbeln die Umsätze in Japan" / アメアスポーツ "SoftGoodsは、日本での販売を押し上げている" / Amer Sports "softgoods están impulsando las ventas en Japón" / Amer Sports "текстильные способствуют росту продаж в Японии" / Amer sport "prodotti software sono aumentare le vendite in Giappone" / आमेर खेल SoftGoods "जापान में बिक्री बढ़ाने" )

New product : C4 Tattoo Rash vest

Super comfortable, cool, and easy to wear, in and out of the water C4 Tattoo Rash vest.

Long Sleeve Brown Ka Uhi Tattoo Rashguard:

This long sleeve rash guard with unique sublimated tattoo design by Keone Nunes. This limited edition rashguard features the traditional Polynesian symbology.


* 80% Polyester, 20% Lycra
* Traditional Tattoo Design by Keone Nunes
* Artwork sublimated on material
* 50 UPF rating
* Blocks 97.5% of UV rays

C4 Waterman partial print :

long sleeve rash guard with traditional Polynesian tattoo highlights. Excellent sun protection. This rashguard has a UPF rating of 50 which means it blocks 97.5% of UV rays.
Womens and mens available.

* 90% Polyester/ 20% Lycra quick-dry fabric
* with UV-resistant fabric sublimated with black Ka Uhi or tattoo print on white.
* C4 Logo screened on the sleeve.

About Keone Nunes :
Keone Nunes was not interested in tattooing at first, but he knew a lot about his Hawaiian culture. When he did get involved in tattooing, he therefore knew more than most about traditional designs.

With the help of Kandi Everett, Nunes got his first tattooing machine in 1991 and began to work. He noticed that the only people who were doing traditional tattoos were Samoans, who were protective of their art form, so Nunes learned techniques from that tradition of tattooing.

Nunes then returned to his roots and learned about ancient Hawaiian traditions and kakau. He's spoken with many kupuna about the art form, and learned many traditional designs. Hawaiian tattoos are asymmetrically placed on the body, and most every part of the body can be tattooed ? but always asymmetrically. Nunes feels Hawaiian tattoo designs are bolder and larger than Maori or Samoan forms. He speculates this could be due to the fact that Hawaiian tattoos have more to do with individual identification than for ceremonial purposes.

The legacy of Polynesian tattoo began over 2000 years ago and is as diverse as the people who wear them. Once widespread in Polynesian societies across the Pacific Ocean, the arrival of western missionaries in the 19th century forced this unique art form into decline. Despite the encroachment of Christian religious beliefs that vilified tattooing as unholy, many Polynesian tattoo artists maintained their vital link to their culture's history by preserving their unique craft for generations.

Business News : Derby Cycle AG's E-Bike Shipments Set Blistering Pace in 1H

Derby Cycle AG's E-Bike Shipments Set Blistering Pace in 1H 

(SportsOneSource Media )

Derby Cycle AG, Germany's largest bicycle manufacturer in terms of sales, reported total revenue reached €134.2 million in the first two quarters of the current financial year, up 17.3 percent from the year earlier period.

Earnings before income taxes (EBIT) grew 25.1 percent to €13.1 million, or 9.8 percent of sales, up 60 basis points from the corresponding previous-year period. Consolidated net income increased 31.5 percent to €7.9 million, or €1.05 of earnings per share, compared to  €6.0 million, or  €0.91 a year earlier.

The continuing growth trend in the electric bikes area formed the basis for the positive business progress during the first six months of the 2011/12 financial year. While the number of electric bikes sold in the comparable period of the previous year amounted to 38,899 units, sales grew by 36.7 percent to 53,190 units in the period under review.
In overall terms, approximately 252,248 bicycles from the Kalkhoff, Raleigh, Rixe, Focus and Univega brands were shipped at Group level in the period under review, compared with 243,890 bikes in the comparable period, representing 3.4 percent growth. The foreign share of revenue remained stable at 30.8 percent (prior-year period: 32.1 percent).

“We have continued our success story of the past years during the current business year,” said Mathias Seidler, CEO of Derby Cycle AG. “Our operating business registered growth both in Germany and on foreign markets. With significant growth in the sales of electric bikes, we have also further expanded our leading position in this high-revenue growth market."

Derby Cycle is Germany's largest bicycle manufacturer in terms of revenues, and one of the leading manufacturers in Europe. In particular, global demand growth for high-quality electric and sports bicycles, as well as the company's advancing internationalisation in all European volume markets, are reflected in the company's dynamic growth.
Derby Cycle's product range comprises electric bicycles, sports bicycles for leisure and competition purposes, as well as comfort bikes for everyday and travel use. These bicycles are sold through the established Kalkhoff, FOCUS, Raleigh, Univega and Rixe brands. All models are developed and assembled at the company's base in Cloppenburg, Germany. These high-quality products are distributed through specialist retailers who provide their customers with professional advice and extensive service.

With around 614 employees, Derby Cycle achieved revenue of € 235.5 million in the fiscal year 2010/2011, 66.9 percent of which was generated in Germany, and 33.1 percent abroad. Earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) amounted to approximately € 19.6 million. Derby Cycle sold a total of around 482,000 bicycles, of which 87,000 comprised e-bikes. The company forecasts revenues of € 250 million to 270 million, and an EBIT margin of 8 to 9 percent (2010/11: 8.3 percent) for the 2011/12 fiscal year that ends on September 30, 2012.

(Derby Cycle AG a déclaré que les recettes totales ont atteint € 134,2 millions au cours des deux premiers trimestres / 德比周期AG报道,前两个季度的总收入达到1.342亿欧元 / Derby Cycle AG berichtet Gesamtumsatz erreicht 134.200.000 € in den ersten beiden Quartalen / ダービーサイクルAGは、総収入は第2四半期に€134.2万人に達し報告 )

New product : Cross Shaper

What is this?

The Bonn (germany NRW)-based orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist Dr. med G. Kaupe is the inventor of the CROSS-shaping.

The idea was to develop a sport that leads back to the people of his most original movements and grounded four points of contact training provides a stabilized, which is both joints and back gently and smoothly and it trains the whole body

The new ergonomics, choice of center of gravity and the erection of the spine thus characterize this noise makes outdoor training.
The calorie consumption will increase significantly! Always in the aerobic (oxygen-rich) region are trained cardiovascular gently counteracts muscular imbalance of the trunk muscles.

Performance sport

Cross-shaping for the competitive athlete can bring a change in the Trainingsaltag. This strength, endurance, speed, agility and coordination training is effective.

Cross-shaping may in competitive sports in the preparation period, during the competition time and for winter sports (cross country, biathlon and Nordic combined) in the summer training as well as in high-altitude training to improve endurance and thus the mental capacity to be used.

Cross-trained by shaping its diagonal patterns of movement coordination skills of the athlete.

Cross-shaping can be used for "back-intense" sports such as rowing, tennis, hockey, badminton for stabilization and relief of back muscles.

Due to the individual adjustment of the tension forces to improve the Krauftausdauer is also trainable.

Cross-shaping can be forms of exercise such as interval training, increase training (permanent increase in stride frequency) and Hill-Walking bring about improvement in physical condition. With a slope of 5% can be assumed as a 60% increase in energy consumption compared to running in the plane.

Health Sports

Cross-shaping provides a natural, safe and effective way to improve the cardiovascular system and to train while 90% of body muscles.

Cross-shaping ensures better blood circulation and improved metabolism. As a health sport will be on the restoration, stabilization and optimization of performance in the foreground.

When used with rehabilitation patients, type 2 diabetes patients, obese patients, in prevention and anti-aging effects are the concepts of cross-shaping to full advantage.

Protects joints optimized cross-Shaping coordination and motor skills and provides a daily full-body workout at the highest level!

Walking is by cross-Shaping the first time a real power workout!

Website http://www.cross-shaping.com


Business News : NIKE, Inc. to Divest of Cole Haan and Umbro to Focus on Accelerating Growth

NIKE, Inc. to Divest of Cole Haan and Umbro to Focus on Accelerating Growth Through NIKE and Complementary Sport Brands

BEAVERTON, Ore.-(EON : Enhanced Online News )--NIKE, Inc. (NYSE: NKE) today announced its intention to divest of two of its wholly-owned affiliate brands - Cole Haan and Umbro - to sharpen its focus on driving growth in the NIKE, Jordan, Converse and Hurley brands.

“We see tremendous opportunity to accelerate profitable growth around the world by continuing to deliver innovation and inspire consumers through the NIKE brand,” said Mark Parker, President & CEO of NIKE, Inc. “We also see significant potential in Jordan, Converse and Hurley, which have unique consumer relationships that complement the NIKE Brand.*
“Divesting of Umbro and Cole Haan will allow us to focus our resources on the highest-potential opportunities for NIKE, Inc. to continue to drive sustainable, profitable growth for our shareholders.”*

Cole Haan, which specializes in casual and dress leather footwear and bags, was acquired by NIKE, Inc. in 1988. The company is based in New York. Umbro is a football (soccer) specialist brand based in Manchester, UK, acquired by NIKE, Inc. in 2008. The process of divesting of these two businesses will begin immediately, and is expected to be complete by the end of NIKE, Inc.’s fiscal 2013 (May 31, 2013).
About NIKE, Inc.
NIKE, Inc. based near Beaverton, Oregon, is the world's leading designer, marketer and distributor of authentic athletic footwear, apparel, equipment and accessories for a wide variety of sports and fitness activities. Wholly-owned NIKE subsidiaries include Cole Haan, which designs, markets and distributes luxury shoes, handbags, accessories and coats; Converse Inc., which designs, markets and distributes athletic footwear, apparel and accessories; Hurley International LLC, which designs, markets and distributes action sports and youth lifestyle footwear, apparel and accessories; and Umbro International Limited, which designs, distributes and licenses athletic and casual footwear, apparel and equipment, primarily for global football (soccer). For more information, visit www.nikeinc.com and follow @Nike.
*The marked paragraphs contain forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially. These risks and uncertainties are detailed from time to time in reports filed by NIKE with the S.E.C., including Forms 8-K, 10-Q, and 10-K.


NIKE, Inc.
Gavin Lindberg, 503-671-8178
Charlie Brooks, 503-532-8759

New Product : Google cam from Liquid Image


Apex HD 1080P - Wi-Fi enabled VIDEO CAMERA SNOW GOGGLE

The Liquid Image Apex HD is a Snow Goggle with an integrated True POV HD Video camera. The goggle is Wi-Fi and GPS enabled. It contains a 136 degree wide angle lens to capture all the action for snow sports. The hands free unit has a 12.0 MP camera mode and a video mode that records Full HD 1080P video (1920x1080) at a rate up to 30 frames per second with audio and an additional High Action mode that features HD 720P video (1280x720) at 60 frames per second. The Apex HD1080P can hold a Micro SD/SDHC Card up to 32 GB. Product includes a 4GB Micro SDHC card and a Rechargeable Lithium Battery for 1.5-2 hours of recording in the HD Video Mode. With the use of a micro SD/SDHC card, the camera is capable of recording thousands of photos or hours of HD video and can be downloaded to a computer through the High Speed USB cable provided, or through a Micro SD/SDHC card. Extra rechargeable batteries will be sold as accessories to increase recording time. Additional Micro SDHC cards sold separately. The Apex HD Goggle has a camera lens that pivots to accommodate rider style. Water resistant to 5m/15ft. 

About Liquid Image:

Liquid Image is a Sport Tech company. We manufacture wearable POV cameras, accessories, and other consumer products distributed in the US and internationally in over 100 countries. Our innovation in True POV cameras with LINE OF SIGHT video capture is revolutionizing the way athletes capture video and share their point of view with the world.

More infos: http://www.liquidimageco.com/

Business News : Airesis, 1st quarter 2012: Revenue growth

Airesis, 1er trimestre 2012: Revenus en croissance

Le Coq Sportif + 14% pour atteindre EUR 33 millions (1er trimestre 2011: EUR 29 millions)
Boards & More + 15% pour atteindre EUR 9.8 millions (1er trimestre 2011: EUR 8.5 millions)

Le premier trimestre est marqué par une activité soutenue pour nos deux participations. Les ventes du Coq Sportif ont atteint 33 millions d’euros, démontrant une croissance de 14 % par rapport à l’année précédente. Cette tendance montre bien les résultats des efforts qualitatifs et stratégiques mis en place afin de favoriser le développement durable de la marque.
Les ventes de Boards & More poursuivent leur croissance pour atteindre 9.8 millions d’euros, soit une progression de 15% par rapport au premier trimestre de l’année passée. Boards & More continue à affirmer sa position de leader dans un marché compétitif.

L’année 2012 est particulière pour Le Coq Sportif, qui célèbre à la fois ses 130 ans et la signature du partenariat avec le Tour de France. Dans sa campagne publicitaire Printemps-Été 2012, le Coq Sportif a réuni passionnés, amateurs et icones du sport. Chaque visuel publicitaire a présenté, en quelques mots, ces héros et leur rapport au sport, des performances de Joakim Noah, sur le terrain de basket à l’énergie du jeune Victor, sur son fixie BMX dans les rues de Paris, en passant par Francesco, le Milanais amoureux du vélo. Cette campagne a donné une bonne visibilité à la marque pour cette année anniversaire en montrant un immense héritage à célébrer et l’authenticité d’une marque de sport unique.
Sur le premier trimestre, Le Coq Sportif a vu ses revenus s’accroître de 14%, notamment grâce à l’Espagne, aux distributeurs ainsi qu’aux boutiques en propre. Au niveau de la marge, la pression annoncée sur les prix des matières premières et sur les coûts de la main-d’oeuvre se fait ressentir mais se compense par des royalties plus élevées sur le trimestre. L’augmentation des dépenses opérationnelles de 19% se justifie par les divers projets stratégiques menés dans le but de développer les produits textiles, le centre de développement de Romilly en étant une étape importante ainsi que la campagne publicitaire du premier trimestre. Les marchés européens continuent à être difficiles avec une faible confiance des consommateurs ainsi qu’une concurrence intense, la situation économique demeurant incertaine.

Grace aux investissements réalisés, Boards & More affiche une croissance des revenus de 15% sur le premier trimestre 2012. La marge est restée stable en comparaison de celle du premier trimestre 2011, malgré un environnement difficile et une pression sur les prix des matières premières. Les dépenses opérationnelles ont augmenté de 18%.
Le développement de nouveaux produits, tels que les planches stand-up paddle réalisées par la marque Fanatic, ainsi que la précocité de Pâques permettent à la marque d’afficher une croissance des revenus et l’EBIT est en hausse de 5%. Il est cependant prématuré d’anticiper le développement de l’année 2012.

Les revenus consolidés en euros progressent de 14% alors qu’ils n’augmentent que de 7% en francs suisse. En comparaison avec le taux de change moyen appliqué sur les trois premiers mois de l’exercice 2011, le cours appliqué en 2012 est 6% plus bas. Le renforcement du franc suisse durant l’année 2011 affecte la comparaison des revenus générés en euros. La marge consolidée augmente de 7% et atteint 24.7 millions de francs suisses.

Le Coq Sportif et Boards & More proposent des collections qui génèrent des pics de saisonnalité qui peuvent varier fortement en fonction de la rapidité des prises de commandes des clients.

A PROPOS D'AIRESIS :Airesis est une société d'investissements basée à Montreux dont les actions sont cotées à la bourse suisse (SIX: AIRE). Elle participe activement à la gestion de ses participations tout en respectant le caractère propre de chacune d'elles. Airesis détient Le Coq Sportif (69%) et Boards & More (100%). Boards & More inclut les marques North Kiteboarding, Ion, Fanatic et North Sails Windsurf. Les participations d’Airesis proposent une ou deux collections par année.

Website : http://www.airesis.com/

Airesis, 1st quarter 2012: Revenue growth

Le Coq Sportif + 14% to EUR 33 million (Q1 2011: EUR 29 million)

Boards & More + 15% to EUR 9.8 million (Q1 2011: EUR 8.5 million)

The first quarter was marked by sustained activity for both our interests. Le Coq Sportif sales reached 33 million euros, showing a growth of 14% over the previous year. This trend shows the results of qualitative and strategic efforts in place to promote sustainable development of the brand.Sales of Boards & More continue to grow to 9.8 million euros, an increase of 15% over the first quarter of last year. Boards & More continues to assert its leadership position in a competitive market.


The year 2012 is special for Le Coq Sportif, which celebrates both its 130th anniversary and the signing of the partnership with the Tour de France. In its advertising campaign Spring-Summer 2012, Le Coq Sportif brought together enthusiasts, amateur and sports icons. Each visual advertising presented, in a nutshell, these heroes and their relationship to sport performance Joakim Noah, on the basketball court to the energy of young Victor, on his BMX fixie on the streets of Paris, through Francesco, the Milanese love of cycling. This campaign gave visibility to the brand for this anniversary year, showing a tremendous legacy and to celebrate the authenticity of a unique sports brand.In the first quarter, Le Coq Sportif has seen its revenues grow by 14%, thanks to Spain, distributors as well as free standing stores. At the margin, the pressure mentioned on commodity prices and the cost of labor is felt but is compensated by higher royalties for the quarter. The increase in operating expenses of 19% is justified by the various strategic projects conducted to develop textile products, the development center in Romilly is an important step and the campaign's first quarter. European markets continue to be difficult with low consumer confidence and an intense competition, the economic situation remains uncertain.


Thanks to investments, Boards & More displays a revenue growth of 15% in the first quarter of 2012. The margin remained stable compared to that of the first quarter of 2011, despite a difficult environment and pressure on commodity prices. Operating expenses increased 18%.The development of new products, such as stand-up paddle boards made by the brand Fanatic, and how early Easter enable the brand to show revenue growth and EBIT was up 5%. However, it is premature to anticipate the development of 2012.


Consolidated revenues in euros rose by 14% while they rose only 7% in Swiss francs. Compared with the average exchange rate applied on the first three months of fiscal 2011, Applied in 2012 is 6% lower. Strengthening of the Swiss franc during 2011 affects the comparison of revenues in euros. The consolidated margin increased by 7% to 24.7 million Swiss francs.

Le Coq Sportif and Boards & More offer collections that generate seasonal peaks that may vary greatly depending on the speed of customer orders.

ABOUT AIRESIS: Airesis is an investment company based in Montreux whose shares are listed on the Swiss Exchange (SIX: AIRE). She actively participates in the management of its holdings while respecting the specific nature of each. Airesis owns Le Coq Sportif (69%) and Boards & More (100%). Boards & More brands include North Kiteboarding, Ion, Fanatic and North Sails Windsurf. Entries Airesis offer one or two collections per year.

New product : infiniti3d system prevent bicycle component theft

Concept :

The infiniti3D security™ system was developed specifically to provide a definitive solution to the growing problem of bicycle component theft.

We were driven by frustration. Frustration at having to carry multiple heavy locks. Frustration with having to endure riding a bike with cheap components on long commutes to deter theft. Frustration with the inadequacies of existing 'solutions' and the compromises involved.

Frustrated enough to do the job properly. Once and for all.

The Infiniti3D Security™ System

The patent pending infiniti3d security™ system is based on a simple concept - replace the existing fasteners on your bicycle with specially encoded fasteners that can only be removed by the owner of the reciprocal key i.e. YOU!
The Infiniti3D security™ system revolutionises urban cycling - it is now possible to enjoy riding a decent bike, free from the fear of theft, whilst carrying just one compact lock.
The system provides a definitive solution to bicycle component security. Every removable component on a bicycle may now be secured against theft.
We have developed the system with the cyclist in mind. Not only have our solutions been subjected to extensive R&D to ensure that they are functional as security components, we have also made sure that there are no compromises in terms of quality or performance.
Each customer receives their own individually unique key for life, which is registered automatically. You can buy as many or as few components to match your key and can do so both now or any time in the future. As such using the infiniti3D security™ system is a lifetime investment in your cycling pleasure.
You can secure every removable component on any type of bike using the system
You can protect as many or as few components as you like
Your unique infiniti3D security™ key is automatically registered to you - no need to carry a 'key card' or remember a 'key code'

Infiniti3D Security™ Solutions 

Our fasteners are designed to be resistant to common forms of attack. Materials and processes have been carefully selected to correspond to the performance requirements of each component. 

Unlike other manufacturers of limited security 'solutions' we do not provide a generic solution for a component type. We understand that bikes and their components can vary wildly and hence are developed an extensive database in order to provide a bespoke solution that is correct for your bike.

Not every component will be listed and there will always be those of you with idiosyncracies in components and frames. However, we are able to develop bespoke solutions (which will of course be encoded to fit your unique infiniti3D security™ key) on request.

Our products are also designed to offer no compromise in terms of performance or aesthetics but instead, to enhance your bicycle and your cycling pleasure.

We manufacture our own products to an unparalleled quality. In their design, we have striven to achieve elegance and beauty as well as outstanding performance and security and we hope our extensive efforts will be appreciated. 

Infiniti3D Security™ Key

Each infiniti3D security™ key is unique. Not one of 256. Not one of 512. Not a 'unique key code' assigned to an ubiquitous key. Instead, your very own, indvidually unique key! The infiniti3D security™ system contains a total of 3 key types to cover the wide range of applications for fasteners on a bicycle which are subject to significantly different torque requirements and dimensional constraints.

The various infiniti3D security™ keys are as follows:
The infiniti3D Standard Torque™ Key - covers the majority of components and for many cyclists, this will be the only key they require.
The infiniti3D Hyper Torque™ Key - developed for components which require the application of extreme levels of torque.
The infiniti3D Micro Torque™ Key - specifically developed to make it possible to secure very small fasteners and hence the entire cockpit of a bicycle.

Typically, a single key will cover the majority of components. For total security you will probably require two keys while occasionally all three types of keys will be required.

For your convenience we have developed the ZeroPoint Alignment System™ to ensure that keys and their reciprocal fasteners can instantly be oriented correctly. 

More infos to : http://atomic22.com/

Business news : GoPro® Becomes Official Camera of Global RallyCross Championship

                                                   ( picture www.cuzik.com)

HALF MOON BAY, CA. (May 25, 2012) – GoPro, the world’s most versatile camera, is proud to announce its role as the official camera of the 2012 Global RallyCross Championship. The season kicks- off on Saturday, May 26 at the Charlotte Motor Speedway in North Carolina.
As the official camera, GoPro will provide racing fans with the “GoPro Course Preview,” giving viewers a unique driver’s perspective of each track, captured with GoPro’s best-selling HD HERO2 camera mounted to the car. This immersive experience gives fans a firsthand look at the obstacles the drivers will tackle as they charge full-speed along the track, and will be broadcast as part of the race build-up on ESPN.
“GoPro is excited to officially partner with Global RallyCross, as it’s positioned to become one of the most exciting and exhilarating Motorsports properties for years to come,” said Todd Ballard, Director of Sports Marketing for GoPro. “We look forward to creating and sharing the most thrilling, action-packed, on-car content throughout the entire 2012 season.”
GoPro’s HD HERO2 cameras will follow and capture race footage from the driver’s point of view, including exclusive access from Monster World Rally Team driver and official GoPro athlete, Ken Block. GoPro will produce race recap edits with this footage, bringing the racer’s experience to the viewer by showing RallyCross from an entirely new perspective. These exclusive edits will be featured on the GoPro Auto Video channel, as well as GoPro’s social media sites.
Fans coming out to the Global RallyCross races will be able to check out and interact with the cameras at the GoPro Truck that will be touring during the season. In addition, GoPro will host several online giveaways via GoPro.com as well as on their Facebook page, www.facebook.com/gopro for fans unable to attend the races

Source goprohttp://fr.gopro.com/

Business news : Freedom Group's Q1 Revenues Jump 17 Percent

SportsOneSource Media    

Freedom Group, the parent of  Remington Arms, Bushmaster, DPMS and Marlin., reported sales climbed 16.8 percent in its first quarter ended March 31, to $205.6 million, according to a filing with the Securities & Exchange Commission.
Freedom Group posted net earnings of $6.3 million in the period, rebounding from a loss of $9.5 million a year ago. Net sales of Firearms were $127.4 million, an increase of $32.5 million, or 34.2 percent. Centerfire rifle sales increased $24.4 million, while handgun sales increased $1.9 million. In addition, rimfire rifle sales increased $3.1 million and shotgun sales increased $1.2 million, while sales of other firearms and firearm products increased $1.9 million. These increases were primarily the result of increased demand in the market place for modern sporting products, as well as volumes associated with its handgun introduction and new shotgun product offerings.
Ammunition sales were $69.2 million, a decrease of $4.3 million, or 5.9 percent. Sales of shotshell ammunition decreased $3.8 million, sales of centerfire ammunition decreased $0.4 million, and sales of components and other ammunition products decreased $1.0 million, as the company initiated a program to rationalize unprofitable SKUs.
These decreases were partially offset by increased sales of rimfire ammunition of $0.9 million.
Sales the All Other segment, which includes Mountain Khakis, reached $9.0 million in the quarter, an increase of $1.3 million as compared to the prior year period due to higher sales volumes in our various accessories and apparel businesses. Freedom owns a 75 percent stake in Mountain Khakis.

New Product Oakley blade 2 boardshort

World Champion Tour surfers are now discovering the performance and recovery benefits of compression technology. We set out to maximize that innovation with an ultra-premium design, and the goal was to create the best performance board short on the planet. The result is Oakley BLADE™ 2. Even if you don’t compete in the ASP World Tour, you can still experience the power, endurance and balance that world-class wave riders rely on in competition, and get it all with signature Oakley style.

Oakley BLADE 2 is engineered with an inner compression short that improves muscle awareness and focus. Those are crucial issues when your sport demands perfect balance, controlled movement and precise positioning, and this board short brings the best of all three. With critical messages from your muscles getting through to your brain, you’ll have a better chance of staying on the board when you’re pushing beyond your limits
  • Ultra premium board short made of O Stretch fabric
  • Detachable inner compression short
  • Four-way stretch (greater than 120%) to free movement and eliminate chafing
  • Compression design to optimize your power, endurance and balance
  • Hydrofree technology to stay lightweight with minimized absorption
  • Hydrofuse welded seams to eliminate bulk and prevent rashes
  • Critically placed mesh panels to allow water escape
  • Engineered for durability in saltwater
  • Side pocket with waterproof zip
  • Stretch fly
  • Screen printed accents
  • Outseam: 21" on 34" waist size; others graded for size
 Waebsite : http://www.oakley-blade.com/


New product: Magura releases hydraulic brakes for road bikes


MAGURA RT8 TT: Brake revolution for triathlon and time trialling

               The world's lightest and fastest hydraulic rim brake for the road

MAGURA RT8 TT: Brake revolution for triathlon and time trialling
The world's lightest and fastest hydraulic rim brake for the road

In 1987, MAGURA invented the first hydraulic braking system for mountain bikes. 25 years later, the world market leader takes its experience in hydraulic rim brakes to the road. Working together with aerodynamics expert Cervélo, MAGURA has now introduced the world's lightest and fastest hydraulic rim braking system for the road, the MAGURA RT8 TT (TT for Time Trial). The motto is: "Aerodynamics by Cervélo, Hydraulics by MAGURA". Their braking power and modulation set new standards for triathlon and road bikes. This allows effective speed management both on the descent and before curves. This way, cyclists are able to gain crucial seconds.

The challenge facing MAGURA's development department in Bad Urach was clear and concise: to build the world's fastest brake for the road. It had to be extremely light, provide greater braking power than any other road bike brake before it, yet still be capable of exact and smooth control. It also sets new standards in terms of aerodynamics for triathlon and time trial machines. In order to trump here, MAGURA brought on board the Canadian bike manufacturer, Cervélo, for its exceptional expertise in aerodynamics. After more than one and a half year of intense development, MAGURA now presents the braking revolution for triathlon and time trialling: the first hydraulic rim braking system for the road - the RT8 TT (RT for Road Team, TT for Time Trial). Four factors stand out here:
high braking power, fine modulation, light weight and optimal aerodynamic shape.

More infos : http://www.magura.com

Business News : Racket Sales Up in Q1 at Specialty Tennis Retail Shops

Racket Sales Up in Q1 at Specialty Tennis  ( USA)

Hilton Head Island, SC (May 2012) — March capped off a promising 1st quarter in the tennis specialty market, posting increasing racquet unit/dollar numbers rarely seen in 2011. With units up 15% and dollars up 12% in March, tennis players showed the jittery economy was not holding them back from updating their equipment. The strong March numbers led to a Q1 unit increase of 14% and dollar increase of 12%, compared to Q1 in 2011.
The TIA Specialty Store Retail Audit details unit and dollar share of racquet sales at pro/specialty stores of the leading tennis racquet brands and analyzes the market by price point, racquet type and size.
The TIA (Tennis Industry Association) Specialty Store Retail Audit is produced on a monthly basis by the TIA's research partner, Sports Marketing Surveys USA.


( Hausse des ventes de raquettes au premier trimestre surtout pour le tennis (USA) / 雪鞋的主要销售增加网球(美国)在第一季度 / Racket-Umsatz wächst im 1. Quartal bei Sonstige Tennis (USA) / 特殊テニスQ1のラケット売上増(米国) / Racket vendite in aumento nel 1 ° trimestre a tennis sistemazioni (USA) / Ракетка продаж в 1 квартале до на монопородной Теннис (США)/ Ventas de raqueta hasta en la Q1 en el tenis Especialidad (EE.UU.) / Q1 में रैकेट विशेषता टेनिस में (संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिका) बिक्री ) 

Business news : Snow Sports Finishes Difficult Season Down

Washington, DC (May 2012) -- Today, SnowSports Industries America (SIA) and The Leisure Trends Group released the most recent RetailTRAK™ numbers for March 2012, collected from the Point of Sale systems of more than 1,200 snow sports retailers. The snow sports market brought in $3.4B during the 2011/2012 season, $135M less than last season.

This season started strong with plenty of momentum leftover from the record-breaking 2010/2011 season and the promise of another epic winter of La Niña snow, but the repeat never materialized. In fact, the 2011/2012 season may go down as one of the worst on record. December brought sparse snow across the country and the conditions didn’t improve until the third week of January. The lack of snow put a significant dent in sales and in snow sports participation; the National Ski Areas Association (NSAA) announced that skier/riders visits were down 17% across U.S. snow sports resorts this season to 51M skiers and riders on the slopes. Resorts brought in fewer visitors and less revenue and visitors bought less equipment, apparel and accessories in the snow sports market.

Source: SIA RetailTRAK™ produced by The Leisure Trends Group, Carryover not included.
Snow sports unit sales declined 12% overall this season, including a 17% decrease in units sold through chain stores and a 14% decrease in specialty shops. However, Internet sales did rather well, and increased 10% this year driven by late season equipment and accessories sales. This may indicate that many retailers are using commerce enabled websites to move product when in-shop sales have slowed. Excluding carryover, online unit sales increased 15% through February and March this season, compared to February and March 2010/2011.
End of season inventory levels are having a significant impact on sell-in for next season. Retailers were not able to sell through the gear they purchased from suppliers this season, which drove up costs and reduced cash flow used to purchase product for the 2012/2013 season. At season’s end there were 30% more units in specialty inventories overall. In fact, snow sports specialty retailers ended this season with 41% more equipment units, 46% more apparel units and 27% more accessories units sitting in inventory than at the end of the 2010/2011 season. Suppliers are reporting significant declines in sell-in for next season as retailers struggled to move this season’s gear and manage the costs of carrying unexpected inventory that will surely result in lower margins and fewer profits until the snow begins falling in the 2012/2013 season.
Topline/category retail sales data for the snow sports market is available as a member benefit to all SIA members. In addition, you gain free access to topline data for the Running, Outdoor and Paddle Sports when you register. The topline data is accessible on a 24/7/365 basis on the Leisure Trends Cross-Industry RetailTRAK™ data portal. Non-SIA members may subscribe to the topline portal for just $375 per year. To sign up for topline data click HERE.
The market data presented in this report comes from the Snow Sports RetailTRAK™ produced for SIA by the Leisure Trends Group. The Leisure Trends Group gathers RetailTRAK™ data directly from the Point of Sale systems of more than 1,200 snow sports retailers. For more information about snow sports retail sales information and other SIA Research products including the Snow Sports Participation Study, Revisiting Growing the Snow Sports Industry, the State of the Market, Model for Success, and much more, please contact Kelly Davis, SIA’s Director of Research at KDavis@snowsports.org.

For more information, check out snowsports.org. SnowSports Industries America, 8377-B Greensboro Drive, McLean, VA 22102-3587 (Washington, DC area). Phone: 703.556.9020, Fax: 703.821.8276, Email: SIAmail@snowsports.org.

Les industries des sports de neige terminent une saison difficile en baisse(USA) / 雪地运动产业完成困难赛季下来(美国)/ Schneesport Branchen schwierige Saison endet nach unten (USA) / スノースポーツ産業がダウンして困難なシーズンを終える(米国) / Deportes de nieve industrias termina temporada difícil hacia abajo (EE.UU.) / Зимние виды спорта промышленности завершается трудный сезон вниз (США) / Il settore sport della neve termina una stagione difficile verso il basso (USA) / बर्फ खेल नीचे मुश्किल सीजन खत्म (संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिका) )

New Product: Lightest personal mover

La seule trottinette électrique légère Le plus léger transporteur personnel motorisé au monde.

Fini les éternels bouchons, le bruit des moteurs, les sens interdits, les PV… Réappropriez-vous la ville, ses voies piétonnes, ses commerces, tout ce que la voiture, le scooter, et la moto vous ont fait oublier. Le déplacement redevient un vrai plaisir. Allez, venez, en toute simplicité.

Légèreté imbattable : 12 kg.
4 fois plus légère qu’un gyropode, plus légère qu’un vélo électrique, plus légère qu’une trottinette électrique 500W ou 800W, plus légère qu’un skate électrique, MYWAY est également plus rapide. Son poids plume et son encombrement lilliputien sont imbattables, puisqu’elle vous suivra même dans le petit coffre de votre citadine, y compris Smart ou Autolib. Grâce à son guidon réglable en hauteur, MYWAY sera toujours à votre taille, sans vous courber le dos. MYWAY est le transporteur personnel motorisé le plus léger, le plus compact, et le plus proche du sol pour davantage de stabilité. C’est également le seul avec Segway a avoir reçu une Lettre d’Autorisation du Ministère des Transports. Et très peu d’entretien, pas de chaîne à graisser : le moteur Brushless intégré à la roue est totalement hermétique aux poussières et toujours lubrifié.

Lightest personal mover over the world.

No more endless traffic jams and engine’s noises… Take back the city’s pedestrian way, shops, whatever car, scooter, motorcycle made you have forgotten. The movement becomes a pleasure. Come on with ease.

Unbeatable lightness: 12 kg.

4 times lighter than a Segway, an electric bike lighter, lighter than a 500W or 800W electric scooter, a skate electric lighter, MYWAY is also faster. Its lightweight and compact Lilliputian are unbeatable, as it will follow you even in the small trunk of your city, including Smart or Autolib. With its height-adjustable handlebar, MYWAY will always be at your waist without bending your back. MYWAY is powered personal transporter lightest, most compact, and closer to the ground for more stability. This is also the only one with Segway to have received a Letter of Authorization from the Ministry of Transport. And very low maintenance, no chain to grease: brushless motor integrated in the wheel is completely sealed against dust and always lubricated.

Die einzige kleine Elektroroller leichteste persönliche Fluggesellschaft der Welt motorisiert.

Beendet die ewige Staus, Lärm von Motoren, Fahrtrichtungen, die PV ... Take Back The City, ihre Gehwege, Geschäfte, was auch immer Auto, Roller, Motorrad und du musst vergessen. Die Verschiebung wird zu einem Vergnügen. Come on, mit Leichtigkeit.

Technische Daten :Unschlagbare Leichtigkeit: 12 kg.

4-mal leichter als ein Segway, ein Elektro-Bike leichter, leichter als ein 500W oder 800W Elektro-Roller, ein Skate elektrischen Feuerzeug, ist MYWAY auch schneller. Sein geringes Gewicht und kompakte Liliputaner sind unschlagbar, wie es Ihnen selbst in dem kleinen Kofferraum Ihres Stadt, einschließlich Smart oder Autolib folgen wird. Mit seinem höhenverstellbaren Lenker, wird MYWAY immer für Sie da sein, ohne Taille Biegen Sie Ihren Rücken. MYWAY wird Personal Transporter leichteste, kompakteste und näher an den Boden für mehr Stabilität mit Strom versorgt. Dies ist auch der einzige mit Segway auf einen Brief der Genehmigung durch das Bundesministerium für Verkehr haben. Und sehr wartungsarm, keine Kette zu schmieren: Brushless-Motor wird in das Rad integriert vollständig gegen Staub abgedichtet und immer geschmiert.

More infos:  http://www.mywayi.com


Montreal, May 2012 — Dorel Industries Inc. (TSX: DII.B, DII.A) today released results for the first quarter ended March 31, 2012. Revenue rose 2.2% to US$621.1 million from US$607.8 million a year ago. Net income was US$29.2 million or US$0.91 per diluted share, compared to last year’s US$31.2 million or US$0.94 per diluted share.

Noting that the first quarter of 2011 was the prior year’s strongest, Dorel President and CEO Martin Schwartz said that momentum thus far in 2012 is good after a tough 2011. 
“Last year was characterized by a good start, difficult second and third quarters and a reversal of that negative trend in the final quarter. I am pleased that we are continuing to move in the right direction. Recreational/Leisure continued to drive results, posting its best quarter ever on the back of a strong 2011. Powered by brand building, continuing innovation and growing distribution across the globe, sales grew
in both the IBD and mass merchant channels. There has also been operational improvement at our Apparel Footwear Group (AFG).
“In the Juvenile segment, first quarter 2012 operating profits approached a level not seen since the beginning of last year. While there remain issues to contend with, we have made considerable progress. We are feeling more encouraged about our US juvenile business and we must continue to work hard to make it better. Despite the difficult economy in many European countries, we have solid operations there which
have performed well under challenging circumstances. Brazil is recovering as planned
and Chile is performing well, as expected.
“In Home Furnishings sales were up quarter-over-quarter, however product mix dampened margins. The growing importance of the Internet retail distribution channel for Home Furnishings has continued into 2012 and still offers even more opportunity for us. Corporate-wide, we have done a good job in maintaining the proper inventorylevels which should translate into the generation of solid cash flow in 2012,” concluded
Mr. Schwartz.

Recreational/Leisure Segment

The revenue growth of 2011 continued into the first quarter of 2012 with sales increasing in the IBD channel in the U.S., Europe and Japan. The Cannondale, GT, and Mongoose brands are doing especially well in Europe. CSG Canada also contributed to the sales growth with strong spring shipments to certain key customers. While more modest, sales were also up to the segment’s mass merchant customers as favorable weather conditions helped drive consumer demand. Operating profit for the quarter was the highest ever in the segment’s history, dating back to 2004. The AFG apparel division was a positive contributor to earnings and its turnaround is on track.

“Juvenile had its best quarter since the same period a year ago and we are encouraged that things are moving in the right direction. Operational improvements and new product introductions will help drive the turn around. This, along with the contribution of Dorel Chile as well as earnings improvements in Brazil, make us confident that 2012 will be better than 2011.
While our juvenile divisions around the world are well positioned within their respective marketplaces, uncertain economic conditions and volatility in currencies leave us cautious about our outlook,” commented Mr. Schwartz.
“Dorel’s bicycle business continues to grow its revenues and earnings, and all indications are that this momentum will be maintained. Sales improved from the fourth quarter and this positive trend should continue. While still a small part of the Recreational/Leisure segment, there has been substantial improvement in the AFG apparel division and this will also help earnings. 
The Home Furnishings segment experienced a challenging second quarter in 2011 and we are expecting this
year's second quarter to be better than last year. The segment is expecting continued growth in the already strong Internet retail channel,” concluded Mr. Schwartz.

About Dorel Industries:

Dorel Industries Inc. (TSX: DII.B, DII.A) is a world class juvenile products and bicycle company. Now in its 50th year, Dorel creates style and excitement in equal measure to safety, quality and value. The Company’s lifestyle leadership position is pronounced in both its Juvenile and Bicycle categories with an array of trend-setting products. Dorel’s powerfully branded products include Safety 1st, Quinny, Cosco, Maxi-Cosi and Bébé Confort in Juvenile, as well as Cannondale, Schwinn, GT, Mongoose, IronHorse and SUGOI in Recreational/Leisure. Dorel’s Home Furnishings segment markets a wide assortment of both domestically produced and imported furniture products, principally within North America. Dorel has annual sales of US$2.4 billion and employs 5,000 people in facilities located in twenty-two countries worldwide.

Website : http://www.dorel.com/