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The Ultimate Ski Locator is Ski Retriever

Helping you find your lost skis
The Ski Retriever system is the ultimate ski locator to help you find your skis after a release in deep powder or variable snow conditions. With the high price you paid for those skis, teamed with the even higher price you pay wasting precious ‘powder time’ searching for them, you can’t afford to ski without Ski Retriever. Using the latest radio-frequency identification technology, you will easily and quickly find your lost ski and get back to riding the mountain.

The Ultimate Ski Locator is also the Simplest to use.

Ski Retriever is extremely easy to use and highly portable. The system is comprised of a credit card sized handset receiver and transmitter tags that are attached to each individual ski. After connecting with each transmitter tag via radio frequency, the ultra thin handset receiver will both audibly and visually direct you to your lost equipment. Ski Retriever can transmit up to 400 feet away in certain conditions. LED indicators on the handset indicate whether you are getting closer or farther, saving you time and energy looking for those buried items.

Installation and set up of the Ski Retriever system is simple. The kit includes all the necessary hardware to attach the transmitter tags directly to one set of skis. The handheld receiver will be ‘mated’ to each transmitter tag separately, which establishes a unique frequency between the two devices. The handset receiver will only search for those tags that are directly mated. Additional tag kits are available to allow you to use your receiver with multiple pairs of skis, just simply mate the two devices. Each handheld receiver has the ability to have up to four tags linked to it at any one time.

The Ultimate Ski Locator video clips are provided on this website for further information on the installation and set up processes.

Website : http://skiretriever.com/

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