Business news : Amer sports " Softgoods are boosting sales in Japan"

Text by Amer Sports

Strong recovery in Japan
“We are considerably ahead of last year. Amer Sports brands are really showing strong recovery in Japan”, says Keiichiro Torii, Country Manager, Amer Sports Japan.
The progress is particularly impressive in softgoods.
“We have had very strong growth in Salomon footwear and apparel. The tennis and badminton apparel with Japanese specifications are also growing steadily. ”
Torii has big expectations for this category.
“We already have two strong pillars, winter sports equipment and racket sports. Wilson Japan has done an excellent job here. Now the softgoods and footwear are clearly becoming the third pillar we need to stabilize our business.”
It is not an easy task, though. The Japanese market is competitive and fast moving. In addition to this, Tokyo is one of the global trend-setting cities, together with New York and Paris.
“Japanese consumers are hungry for innovation. They are always looking for new things. Many global companies know this and sometimes they pre-launch new products or new innovations here and watch how our sophisticated, trendy consumers react. But if you are successful here, it will be easier to win rest of the world.”
In winter sports equipment, Amer Sports is gaining market share in Japan.
“We have focused on reinforcing the brands. Thanks to this and our special strategic efforts for the Japanese markets, our two brands are delivering good results and we have gained market share.”
One corner stone in Amer Sports strategy is “win with consumers”.
“We are providing locally relevant products to the targeted segments. We are also going to have a consumer marketing function. I think this is a big opportunity for Amer Sports Japan.”
The most important retail channels for Amer Sports Japan are pro shops and national sporting good chains.
“We are further improving the quality of retail with in-store excellence,” Keiichiro Torii says.
A strong emphasis will be also set on own retail stores.
“We are expanding the number of direct brand shops to showcase our brands and factory outlets to close out.”

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(Amer Sports " les Softgoods stimulent les ventes au Japon" / 阿米尔体育成衣品提高在日本的销售”/ Amer Sports "Softgoods kurbeln die Umsätze in Japan" / アメアスポーツ "SoftGoodsは、日本での販売を押し上げている" / Amer Sports "softgoods están impulsando las ventas en Japón" / Amer Sports "текстильные способствуют росту продаж в Японии" / Amer sport "prodotti software sono aumentare le vendite in Giappone" / आमेर खेल SoftGoods "जापान में बिक्री बढ़ाने" )

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