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new line of bags fuses urban design with superior craftsmanship. Our bags will transport your gear for years to come without ever cramping your style.

Bluelounge has covered every detail to provide comprehensive functionality for commuters on the go. Made out of 100% recycled PET bottles, the soft matte-finish fabric has a natural feel that is gadget—and earth—friendly. Our exceptional aluminum quick-release buckles provide easy access and ensure a custom fit.
The supple interior lining provides protection for all of your tech essentials. The design and details of each bag maintain the highest level of convenience, without ever forgetting the importance of form.

 Customized Design Elements

Our attention to detail borders on obsessive. Even our hardware consists of customized aluminum buckles, carabiners and quick-release levers, to create a bag that you can truly rely on.

Water Resistant

In addition to the tight weave and durable properties of the eco-friendly fabrics we use, both the interior and exterior surfaces are coated to provide an extra layer of moisture resistance.

Eco-friendly bags made from PET Recycling Process

Recycling process images
Post-consumer PET bottles are collected, sorted and cleaned.
The bottles are crushed, shredded, dried and melted into a hot liquid.
The recycled PET liquid is extruded into long strands, cooled, spun, and then spooled.
The resulting fiber is woven into highly durable fabrics.
Your bag is built. Bluelounge bags are an environmentally-friendly fashion statement.

About Bluelounge:

Bluelounge is an award-winning international design studio known for innovative and sleek products created for consumers seeking relevant and honest solutions with a forward design aesthetic. A true atelier, the studio enjoys drawing from their interests in art, architecture, travel, fashion, music and excellent coffee, to create a synergy of product, graphic and interactive design. The Bluelounge brand has come to manifest itself as an extension of the vibrant and fresh team that values embracing their passions. The enjoyment and inspiration from life is easily carried into the studio and translates into successful timeless products.
In addition to its Bluelounge branded products, the company has also created design commissions for major corporations including Airwalk, Microsoft, Panasonic, Trina Turk, and many other Fortune 1000 brands that benefit from a contemporary look. Bluelounge is headquartered in Singapore with a studio in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Website: http://www.bluelounge.com/

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