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What is this?

The Bonn (germany NRW)-based orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist Dr. med G. Kaupe is the inventor of the CROSS-shaping.

The idea was to develop a sport that leads back to the people of his most original movements and grounded four points of contact training provides a stabilized, which is both joints and back gently and smoothly and it trains the whole body

The new ergonomics, choice of center of gravity and the erection of the spine thus characterize this noise makes outdoor training.
The calorie consumption will increase significantly! Always in the aerobic (oxygen-rich) region are trained cardiovascular gently counteracts muscular imbalance of the trunk muscles.

Performance sport

Cross-shaping for the competitive athlete can bring a change in the Trainingsaltag. This strength, endurance, speed, agility and coordination training is effective.

Cross-shaping may in competitive sports in the preparation period, during the competition time and for winter sports (cross country, biathlon and Nordic combined) in the summer training as well as in high-altitude training to improve endurance and thus the mental capacity to be used.

Cross-trained by shaping its diagonal patterns of movement coordination skills of the athlete.

Cross-shaping can be used for "back-intense" sports such as rowing, tennis, hockey, badminton for stabilization and relief of back muscles.

Due to the individual adjustment of the tension forces to improve the Krauftausdauer is also trainable.

Cross-shaping can be forms of exercise such as interval training, increase training (permanent increase in stride frequency) and Hill-Walking bring about improvement in physical condition. With a slope of 5% can be assumed as a 60% increase in energy consumption compared to running in the plane.

Health Sports

Cross-shaping provides a natural, safe and effective way to improve the cardiovascular system and to train while 90% of body muscles.

Cross-shaping ensures better blood circulation and improved metabolism. As a health sport will be on the restoration, stabilization and optimization of performance in the foreground.

When used with rehabilitation patients, type 2 diabetes patients, obese patients, in prevention and anti-aging effects are the concepts of cross-shaping to full advantage.

Protects joints optimized cross-Shaping coordination and motor skills and provides a daily full-body workout at the highest level!

Walking is by cross-Shaping the first time a real power workout!

Website http://www.cross-shaping.com


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