New products: The Buhel Speakgoggle G33 answers the phone for you



G33 - INTERCOM is a high quality ski goggle with a modern and smart look. G33-INTERCOM compact size and its structure with movable lateral claws make it very comfortable to be used with all types of helmets.
Its technical features make it suitable for many other activities that require eye protection and possibility of communicating.
G33-INTERCOM bone conduction microphone is integrated into the frame and allows you to speak in freedom, absolutely heedless of environmental noise also when very strong. You can particularly enjoy this G33 feature when you are using the INTERCOM function, allowing you a non-stop link with everybody is skiing with you wearing another G33-INTERCOM goggle.
The autonomy of its powerful battery grants you to phone, listen the music or be INTERCOM connected for a whole day of sport or work.

G33 - INTERCOM can be connected to Bluetooth® enabled cellular phones, music players and gps.

SPEAKGOGGLE G33 - INTERCOM can pair six other G33 - INTERCOM and talk one-to-one with each of them up to a distance of 500 meters

answers automatically an incoming call, even while listening the music. G33 - INTERCOM allows Voice Dial calls, when supported by mobile phones that include the Voice Dial feature.

SPEAKGOGGLE G33 - INTERCOM is equipped with lenses UV 400 Protection, Anti-Fog, Anti-Scratch.

SPEAKGOGGLE G33 - INTERCOM ensures you 10 hours music play time, 12 hours talk time, 200 hours stand-by.

SPEAKGOGGLE G33 - INTERCOM works properly after having been kept eight hours at temperature conditions between -30° and -45°.

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