New product : Limestone ecological wetsuits

The De Soto Sports company has unveiled its new line of limestone based rubber, GreenGoma, which is entirely petroleum free.

The new rubber will be used to produce the company's T1 wetsuits, which will have increased buoyancy created by a closed-cell injected construction, as well as improved stretch, durability, and insulation.

While De Soto is not the first company to use limestone-based rubber, they are the first to use it to produce wetsuits specifically for swimming.

About De Soto sports:

Founded in 1990, De Soto Sport (De Soto Clothing Company, Inc.) has established itself as one of the most visible brands of apparel at any triathlon around the world. Founded by triathletes, Emilio De Soto and Dan Neyenhuis, the San Diego-based company leverages over 30 years of experience in international triathlon competition into every product it creates.

De Soto has a product line of approximately 75 different products designed with original and unique features including innovative fit, functionality, fabric, colors, and manufacturing technology. De Soto is never at a loss of ideas, only a lack of time to execute all of them. This makes for exciting times at this company.

Website: http://www.desotosport.com/index.php

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