New product :Z Skateboard drive with your weight

The ZBoardis the world’s first weight-sensing electric skateboard. To ride the ZBoard you simply lean forward to go and lean back to stop. The integrated weight-sensing footpads and electric motor allow you to control accelerationup to a top speed of 17 mph and a range of up to 5 or 10 miles, depending on model, and implements regenerative braking simply by shifting your weight backward. 
How do I ride the ZBoard?
Simply lean forward to go, and lean back to stop.

How does the ZBoard work?
The ZBoard's deck includes front and rear foot pads. Each foot pad evaluates force the rider is applying and sends this information to the onboard computer, which dictates the speed of the electric motor.

How do I go on the ZBoard?
Leaning gently on the front foot pad begins acceleration, and leaning harder makes it go faster.

How do I stop on the ZBoard?
Leaning on the back foot pad kicks in regenerative braking and allows the rider to stop at his or her own pace, even on a downhill slope.

What other features does the ZBoard have?
The ZBoard includes off-road wheels and an integrated handle. It ships with a charger that works at any 110V wall outlet (220V chargers are available for European customers).

What makes the ZBoard a green product?
Equipped with regenerative braking and an electric motor, the ZBoard gets a carbon footprint equivalent of 1500 miles/gallon.

What options do you offer?
The ZBoard comes in two models: Pro and Classic. The differences are listed in the table to the right.

Where is the ZBoard made?
The ZBoard is fully assembled and tested in California.

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Media Inquiries:
Ben Forman: ben@intuitivemotion.com650-380-0309

About Intuitive Motion Inc. and Zboard concept:

Designed in Hermosa Beach, California by Intuitive Motion Inc., the ZBoard team is made up of mechanical engineers with a passion for skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing. Team members come from backgrounds in Robotics and Product Design, and are trained in a wide variety of disciplines including CAD, CNC Machining, Computer Programming, and Electrical Engineering.

The idea for the ZBoard came to the Intuitive Motion team while brainstorming for their senior project at the University of Southern California. Tired of bikes getting stolen and having to push skateboards uphills and over Los Angeles’ notoriously uneven streets, their goal was clear: design a device that is faster and easier to ride than a skateboard, and more fun and portable than a bike.

That project turned into a 3 year development process that included rethinking how students and young professionals commute, and designing an electric skateboard from the ground up tailored to their daily needs.

The ZBoard is designed, built, and tested for quality in sunny California.  Enjoy the ride!

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