New product : iBamboo All Natural Speaker

The iBamboo Speaker, made from a single piece of bamboo, amplifies the iPhone's sound completely naturally, without the need for electricity.

Designed by Anatoliy Omelchenko of Triangle Tree, the speaker is made of a 12 inch long tube of bamboo, one of the fastest growing plants on earth. It is both durable and lightweight, and the natural wood adds a warm tone to music.

iBamboo is a natural speaker made from a single natural material, bamboo. The natural resonance of the bamboo amplifies the sound produced by the built-in speaker in the iPhone 4/4S. iBamboo is 100% eco-friendly, efficient to manufacture, and produces little waste. These speakers combine the high-tech of the modern day with the simplicity and aesthetics of nature. Since bamboo is a natural material, no two iBamboos are alike. Every piece has the same functional parameters, but each one is unique in its appearance and beauty. As an added benefit, iBamboo improves the feng-shui of your desk or whatever other place you put it.


Omelchenko is currently developing a prototype for a version made of recycled plastic, called the iBamboo Urban.


More infos or order to :  http://ibamboospeaker.com/  

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