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Power meter is a most important training tool for triathletes and road racers. This device provides direct indication of fitness and performance. Measurement of the power produced during cycling helps not only monitor workout, but to optimise transmission, cadence and position on bike making riding more efficient or simply to track your calories burned.
Laser Spoke (LS) is a novel technology for power monitoring produced by human-powered transport. Our laser-based technology (patents pending) provides an accurate and affordable method to monitor power produced by cyclists during riding. The technology allows our system to work on any bicycle, enabling their use on racing and recreational bicycles as well as on BMXs, MTB, fixed bikes and tandems.
Our universal power-monitoring sensor is also distinct in that it is inexpensive and delivers a level of accuracy similar to that obtained with most expensive systems available on market.

Laser Spoke is a power meter based on entirely new technology (patent pending). Idea of Laser Spoke is simple: we use a flexibility of real wheel, available on any bike, to monitor power. Our optical sensor can be easily installed on any wheel and provides excellent accuracy. It is light, inexpensive and universal.
Simply put, Laser Spoke is a technology that enables using the wheel, installed on your bike, as a torsional spring to measure power output.
Dynamic method of calibration, integrated in our power meter, is our most powerful secret weapon (patent pending). This allows real-time calibration by user on the go. Don't send your power meter back to us! Calibrate your wheel yourself! Check how stiff it is. Check wheel condition, spokes tension and wear.
With LS calibration the art of wheel building becomes a science.

What We Need

First of all we need your feedback about LS power meter. We need to incorporate further design elements to get it to a production ready status to a place where everyone can use it.

This involves construction of beta version in quantities that will allow testers to assure the source code and ANT+ communication ready for prime time. Completing the design will require:
  • Detailed design of optical system.
  • Detailed design of electronic system.
  • Acquire the right to use and develop ANT+ compatible communication system.
  • Detailed design of mechanical system.
  • Detailed design of universal mounting and assembling methods and components.
  • Produce the product manuals and documentation.
Calibration and ANT+ communication protocol integration are very important milestones that provide high accuracy level and make LS devices to be compatible with a wide range of user interfaces available on market. Then we'll setup our manufacturing, produce systems and distribute them to you.

If you become one of our supporters, you will get exclusive, regular updates on the project status. We believe in transparency, both procedural and financial. We want you to know everything we know. We want your monetary support, but need your involvement and feedbacks.

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