New product: iDash CC® bike computer

The revolutionary iBike Dash makes use of the full computer functionality of your IPhone or iPod touch to deliver a truly amazing cycling dashboard at your fingertips – a virtual co-pilot, navigator, and black box all in one.

iBike Dash unites your iPhone 4, 3GS/3G or iPod touch (generations 1, 2, 3) with the Phone Booth™ and iBike® app to create a truly
transformational device.
Just attach the “smart case” to your bicycle, secure your iPhone or iPod touch into the smart case and start the iBike app. The smart case houses patented
electronics that interact with your iPhone or iPod touch to send cycling signals to the iBike app. Through the iBike app, that information is translated into
on-screen viewable data -- an astounding display that completely reinvents the cycling experience.
All of the iBike elements below work together to transform your iPhone or iPod touch into the iBike Dash
All of the iBike elements below work together to transform your iPhone or iPod touch into the iBike Dash

Fully Enclosed Smart Case & Metal Mount
Rugged, Light-weight, Weather-Resistant
This case is ready for the roads and the unexpected challenges that come with them! The lightweight, weatherresistant
case is on and off your bike in a snap. It mounts easily and securely over your bike stem or handle bar to
provide a rugged-tough protective device that delivers both water and shock protection. And because we know some
cyclists just never seem to stop riding, we’ve made it easy to store a spare battery right in the smart case.

Choose your App:

iBike® Coach App
Start your Training
The ultimate in app simplicity, measure speed, distance, time, calories, elevation, and more. And then get immediate feedback as you
see your bike ride information displayed in ways never before possible, even graphically! But best of all – you get to choose. With an
iPhone, you’ll also get GPS maps right on your bike. Available in 9 different languages.

iBike® App
Take it to the Next Level
The ultimate way to customize your cycling computer, the iBike app takes information from the smart case and translates it directly
onto the screen of your iPhone or iPod touch. See for yourself! Download it free from the app store and check out the demo ride file
that shows you how iBike has completely re-imagined the cycling experience.

iBike Ride Analysis Software
A Rich Set of Analytical Tools
Download your ride data directly from your iBike Dash*! iBike software provides a rich set of analytical tools that gives
the information you need to evaluate your ride, track your fitness, enhance your performance and more. You can even
see your actual bike route on a map or satellite view.*
*with iPhone or iPod touch (with wi fi)
• iPhone and iPod touch not included

more infos : http://ibikesports.com/index.html

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