New product : Airhead Prevents Helmet Hair

Designed with style conscious motorcycle riders in mind, the Airhead is designed to increase air circulation and help prevent helmet hair.

‘Helmet hair’ is a condition caused by high humidity ironing of the hair under a compressive helmet. The Airhead increases air ventilation to reduce perspiration while creating air space for the hair. The Airhead is easy to fit, anti-static, anti-bacterial and non-allergenic. The new Airhead comes in many different colours and styles to suit your lifestyle.

The Airhead may also be used inside snowsports helmets

Australian designed advanced composite construction
 Extensively road tested patented technology
Easy installation within seconds, no adhesives or velcro required
Spring action universal helmet fit, one size fits all helmets & styles
No damage to the helmet lining
Super soft silicone outer, non-allergenic, anti-static & anti-bacterial
Easy removal for washing and dishwasher safe
Improves helmet hygiene
Increases helmet ventilation and reduces perspiration
Stabilizes helmet position & improves the fit of loose fitting helmets
Feels good to wear and increases the comfort of the helmet
Retains and enhances old and tired helmet linings.
Suitable for all hair types and no hair types
Great for all helmets, motorcycle, snowboard / skiing etc
Looks great as internal helmet art

Insert the Airhead fully against the helmet lining, label to rear, adjust the Airhead to suit.

The Airhead can be moved towards the front or back of the helmet, try different positions for comfort.
More infos: http://twowheelcool.com/ 

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