New product : Nike Pro TurboSpeed

Nike Pro TurboSpeed is the fastest collection of uniforms Nike has ever built; cutting-edge spikes prepare athletes for their greatest performance ever.

It’s about speed. For the past 12 years NIKE has been continually evolving Project Swift, with its central goal of maximizing athlete velocity.  Incorporating over 1,000 hours of wind tunnel testing and insights from some of the fastest athletes in the world, NIKE has applied this research to a range of sports, with Track & Field always at its core.
What was once a singular suit has now evolved into a set of core principles applied to all speed-related uniforms in the athlete’s Track & Field kit, giving every athlete an arsenal of options. Nike Pro TurboSpeed is the fastest collection of uniforms we’ve ever built, and exemplifies our commitment to the successful execution of the Project Swift’s core principles:

Zoned Aerodynamics:
Just as a golf ball’s dimples are designed to help it go farther and faster, NIKE uses a similar idea to help reduce the aerodynamic drag of the athlete. Using revolutionary Nike AeroSwift technology, patterns and surface architectures informed directly by wind tunnel data are strategically placed on key areas of the athlete’s form. The result is the Nike Pro TurboSpeed, which offers the greatest aerodynamic drag reduction of any NIKE uniform to date.

Zero Distraction:
 Promoting focus by eliminating distractions, this new generation of Project Swift employs the new technology Nike AeroSwift to keep the interior surface of Nike Pro TurboSpeed as smooth, even and uninterrupted as possible. By placing elastics and edge finishes on the outside of the garment and incorporating an innovative flat, smooth waistband, bulkiness and abrasions are virtually eliminated.
Superior Lightweight Performance: Lightweight materials combine with design principals of reduction and simplification to create lighter uniforms , thereby helping increase overall speed.

Nike Pro TurboSpeed:
Our fastest ever: Based on wind tunnel data, it is up to .023 seconds faster over 100m than our previous track uniform, which can be the difference between finishing on the podium or not..
Reflecting the NIKE commitment to considered design, Nike Pro TurboSpeed merges sustainability and performance. On average, Nike Pro TurboSpeed uniforms use 82% recycled polyester fabric. Specific products have been developed for distance, sprint, and field events while strategic color blocking is used to visually capture movement. Specifically for women, NIKE has developed a new approach to modular support, creating specific solutions for the distance, sprint, and field athlete, each offering a different degree of support and adjustability, and integrating Dri-FIT moisture management and premium quality detailing throughout.


Website : http://nikeinc.com/news/track-field-nike-pro-turbospeed-uniforms-and-nike-zoom-spikes/#/inline/7847

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