New Product: Dual Snowboard

You already know the twist board for the evolution of skateboarding, you can now do the same with the dual snowboard for freestyle practice more...

Dual is the new name in alternative recreationnal snowsports:

Dual boards give you the freedom to move around the snow in ways not thought possible.

No need to invest in another set of bindings your current pair is fully compatible with Dual boards.
Unlatching your bindingswon't be necessary as you can walk on different terrain and easily maneuver around obstalces.
Our standard bolt pattern allows for numerous combination of stances.

Think of all the limitless possibilities, you can have on dual boards. Shred at local resorts, Board parks, Pipes, Backyard parks or your local urban spots.

Dual boards help develop muscle groups that are used when snowboarding. Dual board can help your target and strengthen these muscle groups while building up your endurance.

Dual boards is for all levels of riders looking to get better, stronger, and ride longer...

Contact : http://www.dualsnowboards.net/index.html

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