New product : Knog milkman

Knog Milkman lock :

So you’ve heard about the Milkman always ringing twice? But what you don’t know is that once he’s done ringing he’ll kick your door in, wake your Nan and smash that nice vase on the stand by the door. But if you think that’s tough, wait till you meet our Milkman!



           -75 x 75 x 20mm
           -90cm cable
           -Braided steel cable. Zinc die-cast latch with polycarbonate casing


-Injection Moulded Polycarbonate Body
-Zinc Die Cast Lock barrel and spring loaded latching mechanism
-Braided steel cable with translucent PVC outer crimped to 6.5mm
-stainless steel locking pin
-1000 comination blade style lock cylinder
-3 Overmoulded keys
-90cm retractable steel cable
-Convenient size to fit into back pocket
-High gloss, metallic finish with 4 unique colour options

Website: https://www.knog.com.au/

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