New Concept : Turntable Rider lets bike riders be DJs

When an amazing innovation converts any bicycle into a mobile DJ booth.  That's it ! Turntable Rider !

The Turntable Rider is an epic bicycle accessory which converts a bicycle into a musical instrument.
The bike wheels, become jog wheels.
The handbrakes, become sound pads.
Mix and scratch at will.
When you begin to ride, surely a new world is waiting for you.
Now let’s share. Bicycle. Music. A new culture.

The product “TURNTABLE RIDER” was developed to promote the concept of "Wanting you to share a bike so that your music will also be shared”. By attaching TURNTABLE RIDER to a bike, the wheels become jog wheels, brakes become a sound pad, and DJ play becomes possible while riding the bike. 

What is Cogoo ?

COGOO is the bicycle sharing system managed by Relations Inc. (Head office in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO Hiroaki Hasegawa) . COGOO utilize new mobile phone technology and create Japan’s first business model that addresses a social challenge and global environment problems.


Website: http://cogoo.jp/turntablerider/

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