New product : Communication device for bicyclists

The world’s first Bluetooth Communication and Entertainment System for Bicycle Helmets

Meet cardo BK-1, the world’s first Bluetooth® Communication and
Entertainment system designed especially for bicycle helmets. cardo BK-1
allows simultaneous intercom communication between 3 cyclists at distances
of up to 500 m / 1 640.4 feet *. For added safety and convenience, cardo BK-1
offers intuitive voice controlled operation. It also connects to any Bluetooth
enabled mobile phone, GPS and MP3 player. Users can even upgrade the
software of the cardo BK-1 to stay up to date with the latest features and functions.
Encased in a rugged, waterproof, yet aerodynamic body, cardo BK-1 fits
virtually all bicycle helmets and provides high-quality audio.
Created by Cardo Systems Inc., the global market leader and maker of the
scala rider line of motorcycle headsets, the cardo BK-1 represents the
culmination of seven years of engineering and user experience in the
challenging environment of motorcycles.
* Under ideal road and topographical conditions and line of sight

About the company:

Cardo Systems, Inc., headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA. (USA) is the world’s acknowledged market leader in Bluetooth® communication systems for motorcycle and other head protection helmets. With the introduction in 2004 of the scala rider® Bluetooth line of headsets, Cardo has literally pioneered a new product category that was non-existent until then and as our product line gradually expanded, we added many "firsts" in terms of features and functions. Today, the scala rider® line not only includes the most advanced devices in the category but also the widest spectrum of products, from solid entry level products to the most feature rich communication and entertainment system available. scala rider products can be found in motorcycle accessory stores in over 60 countries.
Cardo also develops Bluetooth solutions for a select group of leading manufacturers in the field of motorcycle accessories, such as TomTom and Schuberth.
As of March 2012, Cardo has yet again introduced a completely new product category: The cardo BK-1 communication system for bicycle riders.
Our corporate tagline, communication in motion , reflects best what the company does best: Empowering people who are on the move with the finest communication and entertainment devices available. Our typical customers are outdoors, in motion and committed to remain in touch. Since 2003 we offer them the tools to do so in a safe and user-friendly manner.

Website: http://www.cardosystems.com/cardo-bk

( Dispositif de communication pour les cyclistes / 骑自行车通信设备 /Kommunikationsgerät für Radfahrer / Связь устройства для велосипедистов / Dispositivo de comunicación para los ciclistas / 自転車用通信装置 / Dispositivo di comunicazione per i ciclisti / Bicyclists के लिए संचार उपकरण )

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