Business news : Granger's start with the team and warehouse in Germany

Founded in April Granger 's GmbH has added a four -person team driving.

Since the beginning of Oliver Nobbe has worked for the outdoor area as Managing Director of the Mainz manufacturer of care and treatment products. Since 1 July, Key Account Manager Erik Wolbert , who by his own admission has over 15 years sales and marketing experience in the field and Outdoor Sporting Goods, responsible for sales. Sales Trainee Steffen Nieraad primarily manages the sports and outdoor dealers in the field. Both will in future increasingly provide training in specialist shops , they say.

The team is completed by Kerstin Kramer , since the first is August cares as sales management assistant to the customer service and logistics issues. In addition, the new warehouse in Biebesheim am Rhein according to press release enables a quick and flexible response to orders.

Only in April has Grangers founded with the seller of Schuhfurnituren BNS Bergal , Nico & Solitaire Vertriebs GmbH Granger 's GmbH . The aim of the joint GmbH claims to be , the outdoor and sporting goods retailers in Germany , Austria and Switzerland make the range more accessible and to expand the business through new product categories .

German Source spomo.de

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