Trade show : Asia Bike Proves it Can Stand on its Own

The first stand-alone edition of the Asia Bike Trade Show, which concluded in Nanjing, China last week, drew more than 11,000 people and 394 exhibitors.

Promoters said attendance at the show demonstrated that it can survive as a stand-alone show after two years of operating alongside the Asia Outdoor in the last week of July. Exhibitors and retailers had pushed for an October show that would not pull them from their businesses during peak season.

"The installation of a free standing Asia Bike Trade Show in October is reality," said show chairman Knut Jaeger after the show closed Sunday.

The third edition of the show, which ran Oct. 10-13, covered 36,000 square meters and drew 7,020 trade visitors and 4,654 bike enthusiasts when it opened for a day to consumers. More than 250 media representatives reported from the show.

“This trade show at the beginning of October is a very helpful Market platform for us,” said Erhard Buechel, vice president of the Association of the European Two Wheeler Parts & Accessories Industry (COLIPED). “The show is professional, the level of the exhibitors and visitors is very high and we get a little Eurobike feeling here in China.”

Stefan Reisinger, Head of Eurobike, was also impressed by the quality of the exhibitors and the high quality of booths. "Almost all exhibitors showed their 2014 collections here, Resinger said. “I was also well surprised that so many dealers and media visited the first Demo Day of Asia Bike.”

An analysis of visitors shows that many bike dealers, media and bike clubs from the remote provinces of China attended the show, said Richard Li, Director of Asia Bike and Asia Outdoor.

“It’s also interesting to find that more and more outdoor dealers are planning a future business with sports bikes and will deal with bike accessories in the future. It’s great for me to see so many trade visitors from Taiwan. ”

The 4th Asia Bike will take place from October 9th to 12th 2014, and demo Day on October 8th.

More information about Asia Bike is available at http://www.asiabike-show.com/index-en.html.

By press release through sportsonesource

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