Business people : Danny Kwock and Troy Eckert join What Youth

October 10, 2013
Trade Gothic LLC, parent company of the What Youth brand, is proud to announce the addition of industry icons Danny Kwock and Troy Eckert, as strategic partners.

Kwock has been involved in growing action sports brands for over 30 years — most of which was under various marketing capacities for Quiksilver. Eckert, also an industry veteran, will be bringing to the company the many experiences of a long and successful career with Volcom.

Kwock will be taking on a primarily advisory position, while Eckert will have significant involvement in the marketing of the What Youth brand, as well as an active role in content creation and project management. Kwock and Eckert also both bring their extensive relationship networks in action sports, and beyond, to this fast growing media brand.

What Youth Editor/Founder Travis Ferré is very excited to explore the opportunities both Eckert and Kwock bring to the table. “To have the opportunity to strengthen and grow What Youth, while simultaneously adding the creativity and experience of Danny and Troy to our team is a huge honor and incredibly exciting for us. We've all been inspired by the creative work Troy has done — especially in Magnaplasm and The Bruce Movie — and Danny has proven to be one of the surf world's most revolutionary visionaries who continues to push surfing and surf culture.”

Kwock is also very excited to see the What Youth brand flourish. “Thinking differently and being creative is What Youth. Stoked to be part of that passionate mindset and energy.” Eckert also added, “I'm really stoked to be part of the What Youth team. At a time when our industry seems to be trying to get back on its feet, I believe What Youth will be a great vehicle to help elevate and bring awareness back to surfing and beyond. The guys have done an amazing job cultivating the brand thus far and I'm fired up to be able to contribute and help them get to the next level.”

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What Youth is the new media. It is the creation and release of exclusive, original content in a variety of mediums — including digital, print and film — all designed to portray and elevate the personalities who define our subculture. What Youth authentically documents surfing, and the cultural influences that inspire it. What Youth was created to provide a modern platform and home for storytelling and action through online entertainment at WhatYouth.com, the quarterly book, and feature films.
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