Business news : IRON GYM Push-Up Max - Now available in the UK

Oct. 15, 2013 - 100% Official Product From World Renowned Fitness Brand, IRON GYM – Accept No Imitations

Push-ups are widely recognized as one of the most important upper body exercises, used in the training regimes for a number of professional sports. But what if there was a way you could maximize the results you get from each and every set? Now there is with the PUSH UP-MAX from fitness-training experts IRON GYM.

Available through the Blitz Online Store, http://www.blitzsport.com/, the PUSH UP-MAX includes revolutionary 3 in1 functionality that varies the push-up routine and ensures that you keep on challenging your muscles to perform and improve. Based around a specially designed rotating non-slip grip, the device ensures a smooth rotation that isolates key muscles and reduces strain on the wrists and joints.

To vary the routine you can then add instability discs to the PUSH UP-MAX to challenge and stabilize your core muscles for rock hard abs. The addition of an elevation rack can then intensify your workout, providing a deeper range of motion. Used in tandem these two add- ons will help you build a stronger, more ripped upper body faster than ever before.

Relying solely on your own body weight to strengthen and tone your chest, shoulders, arms, back and abdominals, the Iron Gym Push Up- Max is great for home, office and travel. What’s more it’s portable and works perfectly on any floor surface.

•Non-Slip Grips and Base •Grips Rotate To Target More Muscles & Reduce Joint Strain •Non-Slip Base Great For Any Floor Surface •Heavy Duty, Lightweight and Portable •Supports Up to 125kg •Includes set of 2 Rotating Push Up Grips, instability disks and

Priced at £34.95, the PUSH UP-MAXTM is available to view at http://www.blitzsport.com/

Official European Distributor Iron Gym Europe - Provio

Ltd | Business Center - Juuritie 7 | FI-00310 Nummela

•Size: 30.5cm x 16cm x 20cm (12 x 6.3 x 7.9 inches) - 1.1kg- Finland

To find out more about IRON GYM visit: www.irongym-europe.com

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