Business news : Leovince liquidated in Italy , but not die

Earthquake in the motorcycle world : In front of losses too great, LeoVince is placed in voluntary liquidation yesterday . The French distributor yet reassuring about the future of the brand in France . Elsewhere , the situation is quite different.

Following the announcement of the closure of LeoVince , who wished to be placed in voluntary liquidation , we contacted ACP France , dealer in our territory LeoVince exhausts for many years . ACP confirms that deliveries have been stopped there four weeks (September 23 ) until a "total reorganization." They informed us that the liquidation is voluntary and LeoVince due , as might be expected, in a market that made ​​a wry face in Europe.

Continuity provided by national distributors

LeoVince has beautiful among the largest exhaust manufacturers (with Slovenian Akrapovič ) , its turnover was down for 3 years , with a market mast across Europe but especially in Spain and Italy. Countries where car sales have fallen by half or more. Despite offshore production in Poland for years, the Italian structure remained very important, as the operating costs associated . Unable to maintain balance, so LeoVince company closes its doors.

However, ACP is reassuring for the French market , " the production of Polish factories will continue and our deliveries will now be managed from France . Italy closes but the plant will continue to operate and solutions are being found. "

Thus, the production and delivery of two pots have taken time and exhausts for 4 Time Machine should quickly follow. Maintaining the brand will be a credit to local distributors. In France, Jean- Claude Parot the ACP company has assured us that the brand would continue despite the cessation of activity of the parent , but nothing says that this is the case in other countries .

In summary, the good news is that the LeoVince exhaust will continue to be available in France , with deliveries will resume shortly after the French distributor. The bad news is that the patch LeoVince is ( unfortunately) much doomed to disappear worldwide . Starting with his presence despite the coronation Superbike Kawasaki or Tech3 MotoGP .

And a brand that closes after (almost) 60 years of existence , it can only make him sad . Not to mention the signal sent to the market when it is part of the two largest in its sector.

French source .lequipement.fr

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  1. Said. Just bought an exhaust from them. In my opinion akrapovic and leovince are two best exhaust if someone looking for good quality and sound