Business news : Strengthening for capital Lafuma group

Lafuma SA has received an offer from Calida France , one of its main shareholders, who proposes to carry out a capital increase .

Calida France plans to invest 35 million euros in subscription of a capital increase for a nominal amount of € 20 million. Is a subscription price of 14 euros. Already holds 15.27 % stake, Calida then hold 50.6 % stake in Lafuma . The Financial Markets Authority has yet to give its approval .

Following this bid , Lafuma would conduct a second capital increase with preferential subscription rights for an amount of EUR 10 million at a price of 9 euros per share.

Lafuma SA would have the means to restructure and grow while giving a full and immediate liquidity to minority shareholders and those who wish to remain with Calida .

Source ledauphine.com

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