New products : SUPERbrand and Dion Agius Unveil The Limited Edition Siamese Palm Viper Surfboard Collection

October 14, 2013 – Carlsbad, CaliforniaSUPERbrand and Dion Agius present the limited edition Siamese Palm Viper Surfboard (SPV) collection – all inspired and designed by Agius.  Not only did he participate in the board shapes development, but he also coined the “Siamese Palm Viper” moniker – and created the amazing four-piece art collection.

The SPV collection is indeed limited and crafted by one of most innovative artists in aerial surfing who clearly has the fashion and creative style to back it up. Much like Agius, the vintage graphic collages on the boards are both unique and thought provoking.

This special limited collection run will see just a scant 100 boards distributed per region, with only key retailers having the chance to get in on the take.  Each board comes with an exclusive booklet on the project, hand-signed by Dion.

Dismayed with his massive quiver of rad shapes— some for airs, other for turns—Agius sought a simple solution. After working intimately with him on relentless testing and development, SUPERbrand presents the final, and quite perfect result: the Siamese Palm Viper. It’s the best of both worlds really – while it remains smooth and clean for turns and rail work, it won’t hold you back while blasting airs either!
Created start-to-finish by Agius, this 16 mm video highlights the SUPERbrand Siamese Palm Viper (SPV) Surfboard.  Check out Agius testing the Siamese Palm Viper in perfect waves in Indonesia.

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