New product : Fitness,Cybex Introduces the Bravo Pro Functional Trainer

New, larger functional trainer offers increased capabilities; continues to change the game. 

Medway, MA  October 16, 2013
The Cybex Bravo All-In-One Functional Trainer changed the game in functional training. The larger Bravo Pro All-In-One Functional trainer, a new addition to the award-winning Bravo line (including the original Bravo Functional Trainer, Bravo Lift, Bravo Press, and Bravo Pull), promises to continue to do the same, offering greater loading capabilities and cable range. With two 400 lb. weight stacks, a higher chin-up bar, and 77% greater cable travel, the Bravo Pro redefines functional training, while enhancing the essential features that make the original unique, including its patented Progressive Stabilization technology and adjustable cable width.

Progressive Stabilization, which allows users to lift greater loads, is key to what sets the Bravo Pro apart. “It means that users can increase core strength and workload simultaneously,” says Ben Wilde, International Training Director at the Cybex Research Institute.

“In fact, independent research conducted at the University of Massachusetts shows that Progressive Stabilization yielded a 212% increase in load capacity and a 184% increase in core activation. Based on those numbers, users can lift nearly three times more weight and get three times the core muscle activation during a workout. No freestanding cable device can match those results.”

In addition, the Bravo Pro features Cybex’s unique Progressive Stabilization Pad, which adjusts for height and horizontal position, offering maximum stabilization–like selectorized equipment–or fully unstabilized movement, like most functional trainers. Its Progressive Stabilization Pad can also be positioned for partial stability, introducing specific challenges for different functional tasks. Systematic stabilization allows trainers to create programs that build strength and skills in a more progressive, effective manner.

“The new Cybex Bravo Pro offers users a wide range of conditioning options,” adds Wilde, “which can work to help them through the stages of growth from beginner to elite athlete.”
To learn more, visit http://www.cybexintl.com/products/functional-trainers.aspx.


Cybex International, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of premium exercise equipment. The Cybex product line, which includes a full range of strength and cardio training machines, is designed using exercise science to reflect the natural movement of the human body. Led by the Cybex Research Institute, Cybex fitness equipment is engineered to produce optimal results for users from the first-time exerciser to the professional athlete. Cybex designs and builds its products in the USA for a wide range of facilities, from commercial health clubs to home gyms, in more than 85 countries worldwide. For more information on Cybex and its products, visit the Company’s website at http://www.cybexintl.com.

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