Retail news : France, Go Sport displays results in strong decrease in the third quarter

It still does not get better for the Go Sport Group . Then he presented a new direction in early October , the Group recorded in the first nine months of 2013, a decline in sales in France of -9.4 % ( -7.7% on a comparable basis ), or 171 4 million euros.

The group ( Go Sport and Courir ) achieved a total turnover of EUR 482.3 million , down 6.9% (5.6% on a comparable basis ) . This result is mainly due to the decline in activity of Go Sport stores in France . If , during this period, four new franchise stores were opened , bringing to seven the total number in France, according to the group , satisfactory performance, the third quarter of 2013 was marked by a decline in sales of -12.3% in France ( € 112.5 million against € 128.3 million in the same period the previous year) .

Courir down

Courir, on the other hand , reported a third quarter decline , with a turnover of € 43 million (-4.3%) while a slight increase over the previous two quarters . Over the last nine months , Courir posted a modest decline of 0.7% .

In Poland , sales of Go Sport always take the group up and recorded an increase of 0.9 % over the last nine months , due mainly to the performance of the shoe department and an operation for the new school year .

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