To celebrate this season’s launch of Nike Free footwear, Nike Korea asked runners to express the key proposition of Nike Free – flexibility – by posting images of themselves via social media wearing their own Nike Free shoes. Nike then selected 500 lucky runners for the Nike Itaewon Free Run, a 6k race in the Itaewon district of Seoul, South Korea.

As Nike Free footwear allows the foot to move and flex in a more natural way, the Nike Itaewon Free Run, held Friday night, April 26, was designed to capture the experience of natural motion and flexibility by enabling runners to race freely through the busy streets of Seoul.

From Itaewon Main Street to Namsan Botanical Gardens and through downtown areas of Seoul, the course provided runners with a first-hand look at Seoul’s most exotic and captivating streets. Itaewon boasts a distinctive cultural diversity, encompassing a mix of everything from local teashops to more opulent restaurants and landmarks.

After Itaewon, the field moved through the serene and calm Namsan Botanical Gardens for a change of pace from the bustling streets of the city center.  

For the night-time race, runners were outfitted in Dri-FIT race shirts with fluorescent customization and glow-in-the-dark neon. Green and red LED headbands complemented the vibrant Nike Free colorways.

A Nike+ trial zone was set up to share a connected running experience. Those new to the concept could participate in an introductory session, and free armband rentals and instant online sync-up booths offered further connectivity. Nike Free footwear and the Nike+ GPS Sportwatch trials completed the running experience. Nike+ challenges called out the winners who burned the most calories during the 6K race.

Runners enjoyed the energy at the finish line in the Itaewon Main Street square, as they celebrated with live DJ sets at a post-race party.