New product : First launch of the new Django 6.70 from the french shipyard

With this launch, the finisterian ( France ) boat builder, Marée Haute's goal is to boost the success of the Django 7.70

With a hull designed for the Mini-Transat and particularly versatile, the Django 6.70 is designed to be able to cope with serious conditions. It is thus possible to consider navigations coastal cruising as crossed off, all in maximum conditions.

Django 6.70 is structurally designed to fail frequently. It has a bulb for this cast of rudders. Once failed, the balance is provided by two small crutches.

Django 6.70 is entirely built in infusion and displays a weight / power ratio remarkable, especially as a large part of the movement consists of the keel, participating in its high stiffness.

The keel is hinged to put the boat on a trailer by crane from. The mat is designed for manual caulking autonomy. The 670 is also available in DJANGO fixed keel with 1.60 m draft.

On the inside are: a large Breton bed, two beautiful sea berths (1.20 m wide), the Django 6.70 allows you to navigate easily to 4 people for a few days. Just like its big brother the 7.70, it has a square panoramic view of the sea, offering a unique comfort for this size of boat.

Technical Datasheet Django 6.70

-Length: 6.70m
-Width: 3.00m
-Headroom: 1.45m
-Draft: 0.50m to 1.60m in position of the keel
-Displacement: 1000 kg
-GV: 19m2
-Arisable Solent: 18m2
-Spinnaker: 55m2
-Engine: outboard 4-6 hp electric can
-Safran: double and relebable
-Ballast: 450 kg
-Certification: Class B
-Mast and boom: aluminum
-Architect: Pierre Rolland

French source bretagne-info-nautisme.fr

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