Business people : Spy CFO Michael Angel Announces Resignation

Spy Inc. CFO Michael D. Angel has announced his intention to resign from his position in order to facilitate a return to his permanent home in the Bay Area.  Angel has indicated his willingness to be available to the company as a full time interim CFO consultant until the appointment of a successor CFO in order to assist the company with the transition. Spy has commenced a search for a new CFO.

"The entire Spy team is very appreciative of Mike's leadership and major contributions as our finance and business partner to the success of Spy's turnaround over the last two years, to becoming an exciting brand again and a much stronger business," said Michael Marckx, president and CEO. "He has worked with tremendous energy, superb execution and a decisive leadership style in finance and operations that has earned him the respect of the entire management team. We understand his decision to return to his home in the Bay Area where his entire family lives, after having tirelessly commuted to Spy on a weekly basis for more than two years."
Angel said he looked forward to working with the team to ensure a smooth transition.
"It has been an honor and great pleasure to work with Michael and the entire Spy team through the turnaround and Spy brand transition over the course of the last two years, and we believe that the strong financial and business trends of our most recent quarter are a credible indication of how far we have moved forward together," Angel said.
Spy markets and distributes eyewear, including goggles, for action sports, motorsports, snow sports, cycling and multi-sports enthusiasts. 

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