Business news : Deuter inaugurates new headquarters

Deuter the specialty manufacturer of backpacks and sleeping bag has completed the move to its new corporate building within Gersthofen/Germany.

The relocation to the new, state-of-the-art facility almost double the size of its former locale went smoothly and faster than expected – maybe also because the Deuter team itself managed the entire process and proved how focused and efficient the team works on any project.

The site in Gersthofen outside Augsburg, Germany has a total surface area of 20,000 square meters. The three-story main building comprises 2,100 square meters for offices plus 100 square meters for a shop. The warehouse occupies some 7,200 square meters and has enough space for the currently three million items that Deuter sells annually. As of now, the warehouse produces 2.1 million backpacks, 100,000 sleeping bags and 800,000 units of accessories per annum. About 1 million items are sold in Germany. It took approximately 1.5 years to complete the headquarters before its formal inauguration last Thursday and it cost circa €15 million.

CEO Bernd Kullmann says: “I’m extremely proud of the Deuter staff – they have done a tremendous job! Everybody was so dedicated and committed. It again made me realize how special this team is and how much we identify with the brand.”

The new address:
Deuter Sport GmbH & Co.KG   I   Daimlerstraße 23   I   86368 Gersthofen

Source Deuter and Ispo

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