Business news : French yachting market, professional demonstrates the difficulties faced by the industry

ActuNautique met a professional in the yachting sector reflects the difficulties encountered since the beginning of the year, problems exacerbated by the tax uncertainty.

For the professional, who wished to remain anonymous, the situation is very different for different types of sites. He distinguishes yards living primarily from the sale of new boats large, they tend to specialize on small boats, those active in the maintenance and repair and finally those with activities chandlery and rent.

Undoubtedly, the sites with the most, those are rather specialized in the sale of large new units. A paradox, because customers may purchase such units have been relatively little affected by the crisis. A double phenomenon would meet their place with a share of customers pushing their purchase, because of the tax uncertainty in France, and on the other hand, customers who buy a boat on the contrary, rather to large manufacturers that the durability is not in question, the premium leaders playing full, especially at the expense of Italian shipyards on the brink.

In contrast, specialized in the sale of small units in projects to come out pretty well, due to an accessible entrance ticket and a customer again little affected by the crisis, including retirees.

The economic situation pushing boaters keep their boats longer, would boost the current maintenance activities and those of ship chandlers, activities are often carried out by small local structures generating local jobs, with one caveat, namely climate calamitous early this year that do not encourage the boat out ...

Finally, the surprise would come from leasing activities. Many boaters currently délaisseraient distant destinations in favor of more locations hexagonal, while a new customer would emerge, namely boaters who postponed their purchase but wishing to rent their future boat to enjoy ... in advance!

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