Business news : Intersport not liable for eybl / Sports Experts ( Austria )

The sports trade association Intersport has the liabilities for their partner eybl / Sports Experts in relation to suppliers as at 16 May set. This was confirmed by a company spokeswoman of Eybl / Sports Experts of the sport + mode. 

As the "Salzburger Nachrichten" report, the supplier Salewa have already responded: "Until further notice, we will deliver nothing more," Salewa Austria CEO Christoph Mannel is quoted in the report. In Tecnica (Blizzard and Rollerblade), says managing director Helmut Exenberger: "We believe that eybl finds a partner, we want to signal." It will be further delivered. The planned sale of sporting goods retailer should go in two to three weeks across the stage. 

Who will be the purchaser, is still unclear. Last was from Intersport Austria's speech repeatedly been, it would be in the report "SN". But in recent weeks have been observed in several branches eybl representative of the Russian sports chain Sports Master. Since the beginning of the French sports trading and sports Decathlon size check has been speculation among others on investments. 

From the perspective of the financially ailing Eybl / Sport Experts of step with Intersport from another focus was to be considered. "We have the third-party processing exposed jointly by agreement with Intersport," said company spokeswoman Catherine Brunner. 

"It is better for both of us, the market advantage in this segment of the partnership - at least temporarily - to suspend, but to have in the phase of realignment, the full flexibility" also emphasize Mike Weccardt and Hubert Schenk, CEO of Eybl / Sport Experts in a joint statement with Intersport boss Gabriele Fenninger. Intersport Austria aspires to a majority holding by Intersport Germany; SSG hope to announce a "good news" (Brunner) in the next three to four weeks. Because of the liability to be "in deep dialogue with partners" - including Salewa.

German source Spomo.de

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