Business news : Netherlands: the shipbuilding industry remained above 6 billion Euros in revenue

First sector, the commercial vessels for marine use. Dutch manufacturers have issued a total of 95 335 000 GRT, which is the average size of these vessels around that of a large supply. The revenue generated is about one billion euro of 58% for export. Orders placed in 2012 were down 35% in value over 2011. Including 61 ships

ordered in 2012, the backlog was at the end of this year, 129 ships worth $ 2 billion and a tonnage of 593,893 GRT.

For river boats, 90 units totaling 296,500 gross tons were delivered, including boat transportation, supervision, as well as barges or river cruise. If the market is seen as saturated in the short term in the transport of goods, the Dutch consider structurally expected to grow because of the environmental virtues of the waterway.

In terms of yachts, a major Dutch specialties, particularly in vessels of 40 to 80 meters with a metal shell, the cluster states 18 deliveries in 2012. And a backlog of $ 2.2 billion for 59 yachts. With a tendency to higher dimensions and the value of units.

Few figures on the ship repair activity, if it is up 13%.

In the area of ​​equipment, another Dutch specialty, cluster refers to a total of 670 companies, usually SMEs, posting a turnover of 3.4 billion, virtually unchanged for 2011, and made 61% export .

The total turnover of the Dutch shipbuilding industry is therefore € 6.1 billion, with a total workforce of 29,500 jobs. A great performance for a country of 16 million people where the national military commands weigh almost nothing.

French source lemarin.fr

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