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One-third of Internet users in Germany sees the lack of advisory services as the largest problem when shopping online. The survey shows a representative who has the opinion research institute TNS Emnid conducted on behalf of the Intersport. 

TNS Emnid surveyed 1,000 people on behalf of Intersport. Online shopping has become for most Germans to be an integral part of everyday life accordingly. But in addition to benefits such as time savings, choice, price transparency and flexibility, users also see some disadvantages. Women 30 percent more frequently than men, with 21 per cent - so about a quarter of the respondents is disappointed by the products obtained. The resulting performance disappointment with the lack of consultation about the products supplied also predominates among women (36%) compared to men (29%). While a third of the women surveyed doubt the data safety for online shopping, this is only one man in four critically. 

Exchange is a hurdle 

Among the top 5 of the drawbacks of online shopping are noisy survey also inflexible payment. It is especially disturbing users with lower household income (20%), ie a net income of less than 1,500 euros, compared with higher earners from 3,000 euros net per month (13%). By age groups can be due to the different survey perceived weaknesses when shopping online find. So after all, have a third of under-24s problems with returns. A problem that call the over-55s less frequently. Older people are also less likely disappointed by the delivered products (22%) than younger (33%). 

"Retailers should increasingly rely on the multi-channel distribution, where the shop is closely linked with the local dealer to ensure high customer satisfaction. The consulting services for many customers is still the alpha and omega, "says Jan-Thomas Metge, Managing Intersport multichannel GmbH Since the end of March, the Intersport group an online shop. So be it Intersport customers, for example, possible to return an item purchased online from a dealer of their choice or to seek advice there.

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