Business news : Selk’bag USA, Inc Launches as Subsidiary of Chilean Parent Musuchouse, Receives Substantial Capital Investment

San Diego, CA, May 28, 2013 -
Manufacturers of the original Selk’bag® Sleepwear System enter new growth phase with substantial investor backing, added IP protections

Musuchouse Ltda of Santiago, Chile today announced that it has closed a financing deal to launch it’s U.S. subsidiary, Selk’bag USA, Inc., effective May 1, 2013. The first subsidiary for the company has exclusive access to the North American market for its award-winning Selk’bag® Sleepwear System line of products. The company is now executing on an aggressive strategy aimed at increasing its dealer network and developing new products for both the children’s and adult sleepwear system market.

The deal allows the 8-year old Musuchouse a more prominent and controlling foothold in the global outdoor industry for it’s award-winning line of Selk’bag® Sleepwear System products. Already distributed in more than 63 countries around the world, the U.S. subsidiary is receiving substantial funding from an outside investor group as the most important market for the Chilean- based design house.

Musuchouse, a certified B-Corporation (www.bcorporation.net), has been recognized as one of the premier high-impact start ups in Chile by Endeavor Global (www.endeavor.org) and has received considerable recognition for its past successes and future potential. This success allowed Musuchouse to attract investment group backing, which includes Chilean moguls from the finance, mining, telecommunications, consulting, and entertainment industries, among others.

“We are very fortunate and blessed to have such a high profile and capable group of investors backing our company”, stated Cristobal Murillo, co-CEO of parent Musuchouse and Vice President of the new Selk’bag USA. “The value that the investors bring to our growth strategy goes well beyond the financial commitments made. These investors are very savvy and are supporting our efforts in a myriad of ways. In addition, we are bringing our B-Corporation standing and business practices to our new U.S. subsidiary.”

Heading the new company is Philip Benson. Mr. Benson comes to Selk’bag USA as the owner of Sierra Marketing Partners (formerly Mountain’s Best Gear), the former distributor for the Selk’bag Sleepwear System and current agent for Zamberlan USA, Inc. Prior to his work in the outdoor industry, Mr. Benson spent time as a management consultant with LEK Consulting, as well as with such companies as Kimberly-Clark, Harley-Davidson, The Walt Disney Company and Warner Music.

“I’m very excited for the opportunities presented to our company today”, said Benson. “We have massive untapped potential in our market and with the new backing we will be very aggressive in developing existing and new opportunities. We have exceptional conviction that our brand and line of products is the most exciting in the industry today.”

In addition to the investment news, the company also announced major new IP protections that have been secured in both the U.S. and other foreign markets. These new IP protections take a major step forward in offering the company total protection in its Sleepwear System designs. Additional information will be made public in the coming months.

Included in the company’s growth plans are developing the market for existing products, including the Selk’bag® Original, Selk’bag® Lite, and Selk’bag® Kids products. In addition, the company is rolling out their new technical, high-end Selk’bag® Patagon (MSRP $259), which features removable booties and substantial design upgrades later this summer. Finally, the company is currently working on licensing deals with several major third-party brands, particularly for it’s kids line of products, with 2014 launch dates.

More information can be found on Selk’bag USA at the company’s website at http://www.selkbagusa.com or on Selk’bag® around the world at http://www.selkbagworld.com. Additional information on Musuchouse can be found at http://www.musuchouse.com

About Selk’bag USA, Inc.
Selk’bag USA, Inc. is a subsidiary of Musuchouse Ltda of Santiago, Chile, a certified B- Corporation. Formed in 2013, Selk’bag USA, Inc. is the exclusive source for Selk’bag® brand products in North America. The Selk’bag®, named for the lost Selk’nam natives of Tierra del Fuego, Chile, continues to be the most innovative Sleepwear System available today. Originally created by Rodrigo Alonso of Musuchouse in 2006, the Selk’bag® wearable sleeping bag has won numerous awards including being named an ISPO Brand New Award finalist in 2007. More information including a download of our latest catalog is available on the Selk’bag® website at http://www.selkbagusa.com.    Media inquiries can be made to info@selkbagusa.com or by calling the company at 1-858-568-7469. Selk’bag® is a registered trademark of Musuchouse Ltda.

Philip Benson | Cristobal Murillo
Selk'bag USA, Inc./ info@selkbagusa.com / 1.858.568.7469

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