Business news : Dynafit establishes in Åre

Dynafit has established an office for product development in Åre. Several sports company is poised to do the same.

Product developer Fredrik Andersson is making deployed their new workplace, brand new Dynafit Development Centre, situated in Sweden's Alpine National Arena Åre. CAD programs and the computers are in place and at any time should friformsmaskinen, which is used to produce prototypes, arrive. When Sportfack calling Fredrik been in place on the pad Benefits Swedish development department for two days. He sees huge advantages to working in the middle of the hill.

- Here in Åre, I examine an idea in the morning, to develop a prototype with friformsmaskinen, test it outside the house in the afternoon and evaluate and modify the evening.

It has gone quickly for Frederick and Dynafit recently. In February this year, the company freeride binding Beast named best bond at the ISPO trade show in Munich. A product that Fredrik helped develop. During his studies in engineering education Sports Technology at Mid Sweden University in Östersund chose Frederick, self freeriders, focusing his master's degree at the Dyna Benefits binding solutions. This work led to a job at the company, an award winning product and that the circle now concluded when Dynafit chosen to establish themselves in Åre and basing his Swedish product developers with research environment National Winter Sports Centre Åre (Åre NVC).

Fredrik let not the head office. Every fourth week he will travel to Åre and although he currently is alone from the company, there are other colleagues and experts to develop ideas and thoughts with the National Winter Sports Centre Åre. Mid Sweden University conducts research focusing on even more Swedish medals and the alpine teams are often here and participate in product development. In addition, industry colleagues to exchange ideas with.

- It's good. One can get inspiration and discuss problem solving, says Fredrik who have lots of projects to work on. At least one will result in a new, sharp product within a year. Fredrik do not see any limitations in their work.

- First and foremost, it is about the bonds, but then you can continue to develop throughout the winter line, skis and clothing.

The Dynafit ended up in Åre is no coincidence explains Tomas Ekström, operations manager for investments in Sports & Outdoors at Peak Innovation, coordinator for the establishment of the company. In conjunction with the winter ispo laid Peak Innovation, which has the nation's mission to strengthen Sweden's international position in tourism, sport and recreation based on research and business development, was an offer to the Dynafit.

- We talked about the positive developments in the region and the efforts being made in sports & outdoor activities which in a short time have placed NVC Åre as the top three in the world in alpine research, says Thomas who had full control of Frederick's knowledge of product and saw an opportunity to create an ideal solution for both the region and businesses. At first cooperation agreement was written in one year but both parties hope for a long cooperation. Tomas says that similar projects Dynafit created with Skigo, Poc and Craft. Dynafit is unique.

- This is our first international start-ups, says Tomas revealing that it is in discussion with several brands of establishment of development in Åre. What brands it's about he does not want to reveal yet delivers a couple clues.

- Two are sponsors of the alpine ski team.

Source Mattias Björklund www.sportfack.se

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