Business news : Bangladesh textile companies and Trade unions agree in Geneva

Unions and retailers working with textile companies in Bangladesh have decided on Thursday in Geneva to implement as quickly as possible the agreement signed last week on the safety of textile mills in the country, according to the union federation UNI Global Union.

"Companies alongside Industrial Global Union (another trade union confederation, ed) and UNI Global Union have agreed to immediately advance the implementation of the agreement," said UNI Global Union in a statement .

"The goal is to have safety inspectors on the ground as quickly as possible to begin to solve the most urgent problems," he adds.

Talks between unions and retailers working with textile companies in Bangladesh took place in Geneva, in a first technical meeting organized by the International Labour Organisation (ILO).

The collapse of the Rana Plaza, a nine-storey building in Savar on April 24 on the outskirts of Dhaka, is the worst industrial tragedy of Bangladesh, the second largest exporter in the world of clothing. The building housed five garment factories, employing more than 3,500 workers sometimes paid less than $ 40 per month. The accident caused 1,127 deaths.

IndustriALL claiming 50 million workers in 50 countries and UNI Global 20 million had launched the draft agreement in 2012.

Among the signatories of the agreement reached last week in Bangladesh include the Italian Benetton, Spanish Inditex (Zara), the Swedish H & M and French Carrefour.

The list has also been signed by the U.S. HPV (Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein), German Tchibo, as well as Tesco, Primark, El Corte Ingles, jbc, Mango, KiK, G-Star, Aldi, New Look , Mothercare, Loblaws, N Brown Group, Stockman, WE Europe, Esprit, Next, Lidl, Switcher, Charles Vögele, and A & F.

Source AFP ( Agence france Press )

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