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The infiniti3D security™ system was developed specifically to provide a definitive solution to the growing problem of bicycle component theft.

We were driven by frustration. Frustration at having to carry multiple heavy locks. Frustration with having to endure riding a bike with cheap components on long commutes to deter theft. Frustration with the inadequacies of existing 'solutions' and the compromises involved.

Frustrated enough to do the job properly. Once and for all.

The Infiniti3D Security™ System

The patent pending infiniti3d security™ system is based on a simple concept - replace the existing fasteners on your bicycle with specially encoded fasteners that can only be removed by the owner of the reciprocal key i.e. YOU!
The Infiniti3D security™ system revolutionises urban cycling - it is now possible to enjoy riding a decent bike, free from the fear of theft, whilst carrying just one compact lock.
The system provides a definitive solution to bicycle component security. Every removable component on a bicycle may now be secured against theft.
We have developed the system with the cyclist in mind. Not only have our solutions been subjected to extensive R&D to ensure that they are functional as security components, we have also made sure that there are no compromises in terms of quality or performance.
Each customer receives their own individually unique key for life, which is registered automatically. You can buy as many or as few components to match your key and can do so both now or any time in the future. As such using the infiniti3D security™ system is a lifetime investment in your cycling pleasure.
You can secure every removable component on any type of bike using the system
You can protect as many or as few components as you like
Your unique infiniti3D security™ key is automatically registered to you - no need to carry a 'key card' or remember a 'key code'

Infiniti3D Security™ Solutions 

Our fasteners are designed to be resistant to common forms of attack. Materials and processes have been carefully selected to correspond to the performance requirements of each component. 

Unlike other manufacturers of limited security 'solutions' we do not provide a generic solution for a component type. We understand that bikes and their components can vary wildly and hence are developed an extensive database in order to provide a bespoke solution that is correct for your bike.

Not every component will be listed and there will always be those of you with idiosyncracies in components and frames. However, we are able to develop bespoke solutions (which will of course be encoded to fit your unique infiniti3D security™ key) on request.

Our products are also designed to offer no compromise in terms of performance or aesthetics but instead, to enhance your bicycle and your cycling pleasure.

We manufacture our own products to an unparalleled quality. In their design, we have striven to achieve elegance and beauty as well as outstanding performance and security and we hope our extensive efforts will be appreciated. 

Infiniti3D Security™ Key

Each infiniti3D security™ key is unique. Not one of 256. Not one of 512. Not a 'unique key code' assigned to an ubiquitous key. Instead, your very own, indvidually unique key! The infiniti3D security™ system contains a total of 3 key types to cover the wide range of applications for fasteners on a bicycle which are subject to significantly different torque requirements and dimensional constraints.

The various infiniti3D security™ keys are as follows:
The infiniti3D Standard Torque™ Key - covers the majority of components and for many cyclists, this will be the only key they require.
The infiniti3D Hyper Torque™ Key - developed for components which require the application of extreme levels of torque.
The infiniti3D Micro Torque™ Key - specifically developed to make it possible to secure very small fasteners and hence the entire cockpit of a bicycle.

Typically, a single key will cover the majority of components. For total security you will probably require two keys while occasionally all three types of keys will be required.

For your convenience we have developed the ZeroPoint Alignment System™ to ensure that keys and their reciprocal fasteners can instantly be oriented correctly. 

More infos to : http://atomic22.com/

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