New product : TSL Outdoor Yooner funny gliding…

You've dreamed about it!

You can glide easily over the slopes, and have greater and more surprising thrills, all without training...
This is done with the Yooner and it's here now!

With a seat 20 cm above the ground, like a snow kart, this new gliding concept offers real entertainment.

Its recreational, user-friendly element allows you to be in total control of your descent

The Yooner is light and easy to handle, comes fitted with a shock-absorber for greater comfort and has a runner that allows you to "carve turns" the same as when skiing.
Try it for guaranteed thrills!

Its origins

The inspiration for the Yooner came from a primitive gadget used by school children in winter in the Manigod valley near Thônes in Haute-Savoie at the start of the last century.

Easily controlled on inclines and highly accessible, the "Paret" needed one or two improvements before it was suitable for use on ski slopes.
That's how the "Yooner" came into being.

It's the realisation of a childhood dream: who hasn't dreamed of gliding over the slopes without having to walk back up!
The Yooner's major advantage is the speed at which it can be mastered, its recreational quality and the immediate thrills it brings.

How does it work?

Thanks to its low centre of gravity and foot support, Yooner users instinctively find their balance and easily control their speed, even if they are beginners.

All you need to do is use the edge to turn and skid to a stop, the same as when skiing.

Another way of braking involves straightening one's legs while holding onto the handle. This user action makes the Yooner rear up and pushes the claw at the back into the snow, causing braking.
The spring-mounted seat and Inox ski produce a comfortable descent.

The Yooner's trajectory is closer to that of a skier than a surfer. Its low centre of gravity, user-friendliness and braking performance in addition to the seating position make it practical for low-risk gliding.

No more punishment! In the event you do fall, it is only 10 cm. Just sit in the snow and the Yooner will come to an immediate halt.

Infos TSL Website : http://www.tsloutdoor.com/en/index.php

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