New product : nPower PEG Kinetic Energy Charger

your Battery problems solved.  By You, .

Charging your gadgets can be a pain when on the trail even if you have a solar charger
Just stick the nPower in a backpack pocket and you're off.
The nPower® PEG is a backup battery charger for hand-held electronics that uses the energy you generate while walking, running, or biking.  –That's right, the PEG uses your kinetic energy to charge your cell phone, Mp3 player, and other hand-held devices.
Just place your nPower® PEG in your backpack, briefcase, or purse and go about your daily activities.  As you move, your PEG harvests your kinetic energy and stores it for use when you most need it.  –When you're on the go, away from a wall outlet.  

The conversion of movement for energy of the nPowerPEG is about 1 minute of talk time on an iPhone 3G or iPhone 4 for every 26 minutes you walk. It's also possible to prime the battery by charging it with the induced USB cable. The military has also taken interest in this technology for soldiers to employ while on the move.
Your nPower® PEG is compatible with over 3,000 hand-held electronic devices including cell phones, Mp3 players, gaming devices, GPS, and more.

What’s about kinetic Energy:
The process of finding kinetic energy to harvest is simple; creating the technology to harvest kinetic energy is a little more complicated.

The patented nPower® technology is the world’s most advanced commercialized kinetic energy harvesting technology. When it is rigidly attached to an item with a surplus of kinetic (oscillatory) motion, it amplifies the motion internally with a tuned mass-spring system; that when tuned correctly this is known as a mechanically resonant system.

With nPower® technology, the mass-spring system is replaced with a magnetically-active mass designed to pass completely through a conductive loop, creating a power take out (PTO) system. Energy transfer through the PTO is a very complex process due to the variability of the mechanical and PTO systems and the need for consistent downstream power. nPower® encapsulates an integrated technological solution to these items which allows it to create clean energy from a previously wasted natural energy resource, oscillatory motions.

nPower® is scalable and it harvests oscillatory motion from a range of energy sources from human walking to ocean waves.

You can learn more about nPower® techonolgy through our patents: US 7,498,682 and US 7,692,320.

The nPower® PEG harvests the kinetic energy present in human locomotion (walking or running). Humans tend to move at a consistent frequency regardless of our height, weight, or body mass index. The nPower® PEG is tuned to this frequency, so all you have to do is walk!

An average human walking up a set of stairs will expend around 200 Watts of power. When you recharge your cell phone (including iPhones) the most amount of power it will accept is 2.5 Watts. The nPower® PEG can harvest your walking power and deliver it to your phone to recharge the battery.
Carried items (such as a backpack, purse or a briefcase) possess significant amounts of kinetic energy for the nPower® PEG to harvest and deliver to your mobile electronic device. The nPower® PEG can also be secured to equipment that you travel with (such as a kayak or bicycle) to harvest power from these larger items as you travel.

(nPower ® PEG est un chargeur de batterie qui utilise l'énergie que vous générez en marchant, en courant ou à vélo./ nPower PEG ® ist ein Akku-Ladegerät, das die Energie, die Sie erzeugen, nutzt durch Gehen, Laufen oder Radfahren./ nPower PEG®是一个电池充电器,使用您所产生的能量,通过步行,跑步骑自行车/ nPower PEG ® è un caricabatteria che sfrutta l'energia si genera dal camminare, correre o in bicicletta./ nPowerPEG®は、歩行動作やサイクリングでは、生成エネルギーを使用してバッテリー充電器です )

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