The Nutcase GEN3... Fits your lifestyle.

From sunny strolls, winter wonderlands, or skateboarding adventures, Nutcase Helmets has you covered. The GEN3 comes in a large variety of stunning graphics, Nutcase helmets offers a design for every personality. 

Features Include:

       - Can be used for cycling, snow, or skating
       - Certified by CPSC for cycling and ASTM for skating
       - Detachable visor for sunny rays or rainy winds. (4 different colors to pick from!)
       - Durable ABS Shell and EPS foam lining
       - Magnetic buckle for easy one hand closure and no pinching
       - Chin pad for added comfort
       - Air channels throughout the front, top, and back of the helmet for breezy ventilation 
       - 360 degree reflectivity 

Samples for photo shoots, giveaways, or review available by request.

CONTACT: Katie Turcotte /kaitlin@ghost-pr.com /651 325 7235
Source Nutcase Helmets ©

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