Durban Bikes Debuts 2016 Models and eBike at Interbike

New lines feature an all-new eBike motor, Brazilian-inspired styling and 24” wheels

LOS ANGELES-- Durban Bikes is launching two exciting, vibrant new models into its 2016 lineup and unveiling a refresh of its entire portfolio today at the 2015 Interbike Conference in Las Vegas. All-new Rio and Sampa bikes boast stylish new designs and the brand’s first-ever 24” wheels, and the Sampa electric bike is Durban’s foray into the folding eBike world, providing improved convenience for cyclists everywhere.

“Durban’s styling and approach to folding bikes is invigorating an industry that hasn’t seen a ton of innovation for years,” said David White, managing partner of Durban Bikes in North America. “We’re champions of convenience for those living in the city, and the new stylish and affordable Sampa eBike will ease commuters’ burdens even further.”

Introducing the Rio and Sampa
The new lines, with names inspired by the brand’s Brazilian heritage, mark the company’s first significant product updates since entering the U.S. market in late 2014. They range from $349.99 to $1,799.99 MSRP and will be available online later this year. The Sampa e and eXL eBikes feature a 350-watt motor with 9AH inner-frame battery, as well as a USB charging port that will charge a riders’ mobile electronics.

“For years we’ve been studying how people use their bikes around the world and infusing that into everything Durban does,” said Leonardo Mello, managing partner and founder of Durban Bikes. Mello, a global expert in bike development, is known for his innovative and vibrant folding bikes designs. “Our bikes have the soul of the international market and the styling of the colorful, creative South American spirit.”
Durban’s All New Models for 2016 
Model   Wheel   Frame   Available Colors   Price
Sampa   20"   Steel   Red, white, yellow   $349.99
Sampa XL   24"   Alloy   White, dark blue, red   $449.99
Sampa Pro   20"   Alloy   Cool black, dark blue, green   $449.99
Rio   20"   Steel   Cream, white, coral   $349.99
Rio XL   24"   Alloy   White, turquoise   $449.99
Rio Up   20"   Alloy   Turquoise, stone, brown   $399.99
2016 eBikes
Sampa e   20"   Alloy   Red, white, yellow   $1,579.99
Sampa eXL   24"   Alloy   Dark blue, cool black, silver   $1,789.99
Total Refresh
Durban’s current lines, including the Jump, the Bay series, and One will debut upgrades across all models at Interbike. A key feature is the new, proprietary latching system that allows for a smoother transition between folding and un-folding. Durban is also launching new accessories designed to pair with its bikes, including bags, baskets and bells.

Durban Bikes were first made available in the U.S. directly via durbanbikes.com and can now be purchased through www.target.com, www.costco.com and in select Sports Authority stores across the U.S.

About Durban Bikes
Durban is a fast growing folding bicycle company that has set out to make commuting and city living easier. Designed and founded in Brazil, Durban bikes combine a minimalist design, solid engineering and technical innovation at an incredible value. Durban bikes are available for purchase online or at a number of retailers across the U.S.

For additional information, please visit durbanbikes.com.

Contacts: for Durban Bikes / Leah Almeling, 206-686-6421 / durban@allisonpr.com

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