N12 Technologies Raises $23 Million of Growth Capital

CAMBRIDGE, MA--( September 22, 2015) - N12 Technologies Inc. ("N12"), a leading nanotechnology company that enhances mechanical strength of composite materials, announced that it has closed financing totaling over $23 million from a group of highly respected investors.

The new investment will be used to finance the world's first and only industrial-scale, continuous production of vertically aligned carbon nanotubes ("VACNTs"). These VACNTs will be used to create N12's award-winning, revolutionary product NanoStitch™, which significantly increases interlaminar strength of composite materials.

"Our investors represent some of the most trusted and respected institutional investors and family offices," according to Brad Berkson, CEO of N12. "Their combined financial strength, and global networks will provide us with the resources to grow our revolutionary NanoStitch™ business across North America and to a global marketplace."

N12 is a nanotechnology company based in Cambridge, MA. With the industry-leading technology and strong patent protection, N12 is fast becoming a leader in the nanotechnology industry, having developed the world's first industrial process for producing VACNTs. This revolutionary product, NanoStitch™, significantly increases interlaminar strength by changing the shear, fracture, compression, and fatigue performance of composite materials. N12 is working with multiple OEMs and collaborating with the world's leading prepreg system suppliers to develop a full range of certified NanoStitch™-enhanced fiber/resin systems. N12 is also developing NanoStitch™-enhanced products compatible with resin infusion techniques, thermoplastics and adhesives.

N12 will be showcasing its patented, revolutionary technology at CAMX in Dallas, TX on October 27-29th, 2015 and at JEC Composite World on March 8-10th, 2016.

Elaine Cheng / Business Analyst/ E-mail: echeng@n12technologies.com/ Phone: 857-259-6622

SOURCE: N12 Technologies through Marketwired by press release ©

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