Eurobike Award reflects state of the art in the bike industry

Eurobike Award 2015: Twelve Gold Awards and one Green Award

Friedrichshafen - Every pro cyclist dreams of riding down the Champs Élysées in the yellow jersey. For pro riders, winning the Tour de France is the ultimate prize. For bicycle manufacturers and suppliers of accessories apparel and equipment, winning a Eurobike Gold Award is the ultimate accolade - and the highest recognition a new product can receive in the bike industry. Today on the first day of the Eurobike trade show, the focus is on twelve products that redefine state of the art in the bike industry and are worthy winners of a Eurobike Gold Award. One company is also being celebrated for its innovative concept that makes an important contribution to recycling valuable resources and sustainability - with the Eurobike Green Award. 

Take 500 new products, a panel of six expert judges, facilitation by the Deutscher Designer Club and two days of intensive evaluation and discussion and what do you get? Twelve golden stickers. At the end of the two-day judges’ panel meeting, twelve golden stickers are affixed to the winners of this year’s Eurobike Gold Award. The range of winning products might be wide and varied, but there is one thing that they all have in common, "At a time when the bicycle industry is witnessing an explosion in innovation, there are still products that stand out from the rest of the field. These products are setting new industry benchmarks for technical innovation and outstanding design. Only such products deserve to receive a Eurobike Gold Award,” said Dirk Heidrich, Eurobike project manager, Messe Friedrichshafen.

This year, the expert panel of six judges chose to award the following products a Eurobike Gold Award:

Compact e-bike Radius by Winora
The Winora Radius is a new e-bike model aimed in particular at people who live in urban environments with reduced living space. Its Yamaha motor and compact dimensions provide a great ride, without taking up large amounts of storage space. 

Judges’ statement regarding this award "This compact e-bike is good fun. It’s a zippy little vehicle to get around on, but requires little space to park, making it ideal for urban dwellers. Further bonuses include clever details, such as foldable components and a well-placed handle to carry it with.”

E-mountain bike Turbo Levo FSR by Specialized
Pioneering mountain bike manufacturer Specialized has now entered the e-MTB market with their Turbo Levo FSR model. One look at this new e-mountain bike is all that is needed to see why the American company took slightly longer to enter the segment. Specialized have found a perfect solution for system integration of e-bike technology components.

Judges’ statement regarding this award "This bike is sensational. This young product segment will also attract mountain bikers who previously got along fine without e-power. The way the Brose drive system has been integrated is ingenious.”

E-bike Commuter Bike by Coboc
Heidelberg-based manufacturer Coboc (Germany) already has a large number of fans in the bike scene for its e-bikes that conceal their drive systems, so that they are almost invisible. With the Commuter Bike, the brand’s previous more sporty approach has now been transformed into a bike for everyday urban use.

Judges’ statement regarding this award "This bike is very attractive. Even at second glance, it’s impossible to tell it’s an e-bike. The drive technology feels superb. Due to its low weight, this e-bike’s also easy to ride even if the power’s switched off.”

Bike carrier Bike-Lift by EAL
The Bike-Lift by EAL is a rear-mounted bike carrier for transporting bikes by car. It features an electric lift that lifts bikes up and lowers them back to the ground. In particular, it makes heavier bikes, such as e-bikes, easier to load.
Judges’ statement regarding this award "When transporting e-bikes, older people find it especially hard to heave it onto the bike carrier. The idea of including a lift in the bike rack was new to us and is therefore really progressive. Furthermore, when not in use the bike lift can be folded up compactly and its castors make it easy to move.”

Modular Pumptrack by Bikeparkitect
Thanks to its modular system, Bikeparkitect’s modular Pumptrack can be quickly assembled at events etc. With the help of scaled down models, planning is easy and enjoyable.

Judges’ statement regarding this award "We were immediately impressed by the concept of a modular system for bike parks. As a model, it’s fun and easy to plan how to assemble the modules. As a result, a course for events is quick to set up. Each of the components of the modular bike park is simple to transport and can also be assembled and disassembled with ease in urban areas.”

E-cargo bike Spicy Curry by Yuba Bicycles
Californian bike-maker Yuba is one the leading brands pioneering the revival of cargo bikes in the bike scene. With its Spicy Curry, Yuba is now entering the e-bike segment.

Judges’ statement regarding this award "This electric-powered cargo bike is a smart way of helping to get rid of cars in urban areas. This is an excellent solution for transporting payloads, even if they’re heavy. At first glance, the bike might look a little plodding, but it in fact it’s adept at weaving very swiftly in and out of traffic.”

Road bike Slate Force CX1 by Cannondale
Gravel bikes, i.e. road bikes built also for use off-road and on dirt and gravel tracks are one of the new bike market trends for 2016. With the Slate Force CX1, American bike manufacturer Cannondale is taking this idea a few stages further.

Judges’ statement regarding this award "This new bike by Cannondale combines two worlds that usually have little to do with one another. It echoes elements of a mountain bike and interprets these for road use. As a result, it taps into a bigger target group of cyclists.”

Cross-Bike U.P. by Open Cycle
The Open Cycle brand is generally known for making lightweight and fast mountain bikes. However, the brand also has roots in the road bike scene. As such, it was only a matter of time before Open Cycle developed a bicycle containing genes from both sectors: cross/road and mountain. The U.P. (Unbeaten Path) has a geometry and parts with clearance for mountain bike tires.

Judges’ statement regarding this award "Apart from the frame’s attractive, eye-catching design, this cross bike’s open concept is value for money. Because it allows the attachment of different sizes of wheel and types of tyre. Therefore, the U.P. is especially good at handling different sorts of terrain.”

Kids MTB Belter 20 Trail 3S by Early Rider
In recent years, a bike manufacturer’s sector has grown in the UK that specialises in making high-quality bikes for kids. Early Rider is one of these manufacturers and the Belter 20 is a well-thought-out design for young mountain bikers.

Judges’ statement regarding this award "There aren’t many children’s bikes that look like adults’ mountain bikes. But the Belter is one of them. It’s good value because all key components like brake levers with shorter grips, short chainsets and gear levers are tailored to children. It even has high-quality tyres, which in this product segment tends to be the exception.”

Cycling glasses Variatronic S by Uvex
Cycling glasses that react to different light conditions are not new. However, the speed at which Uvex’s Variatronic S photochromic lens tints - in the tenth of a second - is exceptional.

Judges’ statement regarding this award "We were impressed by the sensor technology in these cycling glasses. The tint changes with the light so quickly, unlike any other glasses we're aware of.”

Diamond E-Bike-Jacket by Pure Electric
Fast pedelecs that can travel at speeds of up to 45 km/h assisted by an motor are becoming increasingly popular. These higher speeds necessitate a new approach to safety equipment and apparel; Pure Electric meets these requirements with its new jacket.

Judges’ statement regarding this award "This bike jacket applies some of the elements of motorbike gear to the needs of S-pedelec cyclists. The integrated protectors make this aspect particularly clear. At the same time the jacket is very comfortable to wear.”

Mountain bike Aenimal Bhulk by Eurocompositi
The Aenimal Bhulk’s frame is manufactured using 3D printing. The biopolymer used is made from sustainable resources.

Judges’ statement regarding this award "The Aenimal Bhulk could start a new trend. It’s the first mountain bike where a 3D printer is used to make the frame from biodegradable, recyclable and recycled materials. We’re presenting this innovation with an award because its technology is so visionary that it could revolutionise the way bikes are customised and manufactured.

In addition to the twelve Gold Awards this year, there is also a Green Award for a recycling concept for bicycle inner tubes by tyre manufacturer Schwalbe. "Bike dealers often don’t know what to do with old, worn-out inner tubes. 100% of Schwalbe inner tubes can be recycled and now returned by the dealers to the manufacturers free of charge. Straight from the factory, Schwalbe’s bike inner tubes already consist of 20% recycled material,” commented the judges panel on the further development of this concept, which has already been in use for several years to promote recycling of bicycle inner tubes.

"The entries were really exciting. There are a large number of really interesting products,” said expert panel judge Jens Klötzer commenting on this year’s award winners. For Jens, editor of Tour magazine, the panel’s work also shows that "2016 is going to be a exceptionally exciting year for the bike industry.”

The judges were also particularly interested to follow developments in the e-bike segment, which was responsible for a large number of entries this year. "E-bikes have far more applications than they did two years ago. And the bikes have seen considerable developments. I could imagine that in five years time there will only be bikes with motors. Things are moving so fast, it’s astonishing,” said expert panel member Rodrick de Munnik, editor-in-chief of Dutch cycling magazine Fiets. The remaining judges were: Designer Nils Holger Moormann, journalist Daniel O. Fikuart (editor Aktiv Radfahren/ Elektrorad), professional mountain biker Karen Eller and Matia Bonato from the Italian, family-run company "Biciclette Rossignoli”.

The 13 Gold and Green Award winners and 51 further Eurobike Award winners will be displayed in a special showcase in the Messe Friedrichshafen Foyer West until the end of the trade show on Saturday, August 29.

On the days devoted exclusively to industry professionals, the international bike show Eurobike will be open from Wednesday, August 26 to Friday, August 28 from 8.30 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. and on Saturday, August 29 when it’s open to the general public from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

For further information, please visit www.eurobike-show.com.

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