isoBLOX® to Introduce a Protective Cap for Baseball

Protection for Players at all Levels of Play
NEW YORK--Pinwrest Development Group, LLC (“Pinwrest”), a majority owned subsidiary of 4Licensing Corporation announced today that they have entered into a multi-year licensing agreement with Major League Baseball Properties (“MLBP”) to create and market MLB-branded protective caps for baseball.

The caps will be available for all levels of play, starting at the youth level and continuing through the professional ranks. Products will be available later this year at retail outlets and through team dealers.

“We are thrilled to deliver this innovative line of MLB-branded protective products to players of all ages,” said Bruce Foster, Chief Executive Officer of Pinwrest. “Major League Baseball is one of the most recognized brand names in the world and has a long established following with its base of fans that readily transcends to recognition and confidence for consumer products."

isoBLOX® protection is formulated from flexible plastic plating that uses a combination of energy dispersion and energy absorption to diffuse impact. The hinged, hexagon-shaped, inter-connected plating deflects initial impact and then flexes to absorb residual force. In its new form, it fits securely around the top of a pitcher’s or fielder’s on-field cap.

“This new, over-the-cap model is a major advancement in protecting pitchers and other fielders against these scary incidents that have become all too frequent in recent years,” said Foster. “We look forward to working to create a safer environment on the field for players of all ages.”

About Pinwrest Development Group, LLC
Pinwrest Development Group, LLC is the owner of the isoBLOX® technology, and the applicable Patents and Trademarks of the brand.

About 4Licensing Corporation
4Licensing Corporation (OTC Link:FOUR) is a licensing and distribution company specializing in new technologies, sports-oriented and youth markets, and specialty brands. Through its subsidiaries, 4LC has begun to forge new business relationships in the sports licensing industry, and in developing private label goods to be sold at retail or directly to consumers. 4LC licenses the merchandising rights to product concepts and properties, builds brands through licensing, and develops ideas and concepts for licensing.

About Major League Baseball Properties
The Major League Baseball Clubs formed Major League Baseball Properties (MLBP) in 1966 as the Clubs' agent for marketing and trademark licensing and protection. Major League Baseball Properties is responsible for managing consumer licensing activities, developing national advertising campaigns, cultivating sponsorship opportunities with major consumer brands and corporations, growing the game and the business of baseball outside the United States and creating national marketing programs in conjunction with Clubs, broadcast rights holders and national sponsors. MLBP also operates a full-service video and audio production unit (Major League Baseball Productions), a publishing division and stock photo licensing agency, and manages logistics for the All-Star Game and World Series as well as all other special events.

For more information on Major League Baseball, log on to www.MLB.com.

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