Salomon Extends Retail Reach

Palo Alto, CA — May 19, 2015
Concept Designs, the Palo Alto, CA-based provider of innovative, custom point of purchase solutions, has designed a new family of displays for Salomon USA

Historically, Salomon has been known as a winter sports brand, prized for their skis and ski boots. As they expand their offerings into running, hiking, and outdoor apparel, they needed a display family to help establish the extended offerings.
The new Display family includes:


Salomon’s premier dealers have a powerful tool to help them emphasize the brand on a retail footwear wall. The full height Platinum Wall can highlight 12 shoes. Each of the unique Shelves can function in profile or toe-out configurations. Two Shoe Glorifiers present shoes on a rotating bracket which shows off both the shoe’s sole and its upper. The full Wall includes a mirrored footer, which also serves as a storage unit for socks, Brannock device, etc. The header features the Salomon logo and graphics that can be changed seasonally. The Half Wall shows nine shoes – eight on shelves, one on a Glorifier.


This steel and cedar Fitting Bench features Salomon’s logo lasered into the wood seat. A custom wire basket mounted underneath can hold socks and a Brannock device.


These steel and cedar Nesting Tables make a powerful brand statement, and provide retailers with a useful tool to display a range of Salomon product. The vertical back panel allows for interchangeable seasonal or promotional graphics.


Three stained poplar boxes, filled with a variety of “natural” terrains provide a flexible, eye-catching stage for Salomon running and hiking footwear. Each Riser accommodates a shoe or boot, resting on either red rubber mulch, river rock, or landscape moss.


This unique bracket holds a shoe upright next to an interchangeable feature benefit card. Both are connected to a spindle that allows the shoe and card to rotate 360º, showing off both the sole and the upper of the shoe. The Glorifier can function on slat wall or Salomon’s Platinum Wall.
Concept Designs Inc., headquartered in Palo Alto, California, is a leading provider of innovative, custom retail display solutions. The company’s award winning displays are high quality, cost-effective, and have been shown to increase their customers’ sales by promoting their products and brands.

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CONCEPT DESIGNS, INC.: Larry Rockwell / Director, Business Development / Telephone: (650) 213-9900 / Facsimile: (650) 213-9902 / Email: larry@popconcepts.com

SALOMON USA : Raquel Langhaim /Merchandising Manager /Telephone: (801) 624-7586 /Email: raquel@amersports.com 

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