Freebord Releases G3-R Truck Series

Freebord Manufacturing announces today the availability of its next generation truck– the G3-R.

May 28, 2015 - SAN FRANCISCO -- Freebord Manufacturing announces today the availability of its next generation truck. Building on a tradition of rider driven design, the new trucks enhance Freebord’s unique ride, bringing the feeling and control of snowboarding to the street.

Freebord’s rapidly growing community of riders is constantly pushing the sport forward and inspiring product advancement. In response to growing demand and rider feedback for a more aggressive setup, Freebord has improved and redesigned the trucks to provide enhanced durability, strength and responsiveness for riders of all levels. The trucks were developed by a team of snowboarders and product designers, specifically engineered for technical precision and better control.

“We have always worked very closely with snowboarders, surfers and skaters to design boards that meet their rigorous riding styles and deliver a ride that keeps them stoked year round.  This process was no exception,” said Steen Strand, Freebord founder. “Seeing how fast Freebord is growing and how hard the riders are pushing it, it became clear it was time for us to push the innovation envelope once again.”

Truck Features
o   4º angled hangers

o   Wider contact patch for edge wheels

o   New reinforced bracket design

o   Tapered hangers

o   Hanger surface beveled

One of the biggest changes on the G3-R is the angled hanger which allows more of the edge wheel to touch the ground. To put it simply, this gives you more stopping power than ever before, and as a bonus effect you get more rocker.

At the end of the hanger you’ll find it’s been tapered to allow for almost any skate wheel to fit properly. So while we still think our Da Blues are the best wheel for Freebording, we want you to have the ability to rock any set of wheels you like– center set, offset, and flipped sideset.

This truck has been in the works for over three years and is the strongest most advanced Freebord truck we’ve ever made.


Freebords can be purchased on the Freebord website or in selected retail stores in the USA or throughout the world.  For a list of domestic retail stores or international distributors visit the store section of the website:www.freebord.com.

About Freebord

Progression and innovation is what drives Freebord. Through years of evolution and rider driven design, Freebord has engineered a setup that rides exactly like a snowboard on pavement. Throw drawn-out drifts, butters, edge in and slide to a stop, bomb the steepest hills, or just cruise that 8 mile mountain pass you wish was covered in snow. Get that feeling of snowboarding anywhere, anytime – no lift ticket, no lines, no off-season. Watch the ride at www.freebord.com (http://www.freebord.com/ride).

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