Xterrain, Inc. Launches Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign for All Terrain Electric Bicycle to ride over Soft Beach Sand.

Xterrain, Inc. announces the release of their new XTERRAIN500 Electric Bicycle, an ingenious invention that leaves any other type of bicycle in the dust with its special 10-inch wide ATV front tire. This uber fat tire bike allows riders to easily glide over soft beach sand as well as deep snow, mud, high grass, gravel, and anywhere else that regular bikes can't go
Miami, Florida  The XTERRAIN500 makes it possible to enjoy countless miles of sandy beach while pedaling along with little effort. The 10-inch wide front tire plus the regular 4.6-inch rear fat tire, make this the monster of all electric bikes. The combination of extra wide all-terrain tires plus a 500-watt motor make it possible for this bike to go where no other has ever gone, and for the first time, allows bike enthusiasts to deftly enjoy pedaling on all types of soft terrains, such as soft beach sand or snow.

Not only that, but with a unique 4-hole triple tree fork plate, the XTERRAIN500 is able to accommodate a smaller 4-inch front fat tire — which is included with the bike — by moving the fork tubes closer together. By being able to adapt to both tire sizes, this bicycle is essentially 2 bikes in 1. So, riders can enjoy all the benefits of a regular fat tire bike, as well as the advanced functionality of the ingenious extra wide, all-terrain ATV 10-inch tire.

With so many millions of people living less than one mile from any U.S. coastline, the XTERRAIN500 electric bicycle offers an amazing opportunity to enjoy riding on soft sand with a new perspective. Riders can appreciate the beauty of the beach and stay away from traffic-plagued roads without having to exert strenuous efforts pedaling over soft sand. The bicycle can go for a maximum distance of 20-25 miles at a speed of 20 miles per hour. It has a premium front suspension to help absorb uneven terrain and a high-end Shimano Turney gear.

XTERRAIN bicycles are now available via Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/xterrain-uber-fat-all-terrain-electric-bicycle/x/11904513#/story

About Xterrain Inc.

Xterrain, Inc. is a company located in Miami, Florida and the first to introduce a bicycle of this type to the market. After extensive research and many trials, they came up with the groundbreaking idea to use a much wider ATV front tire to make the bike extremely stable on soft beach sand, snow, mud, or any other soft type of terrain.

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