Golfing Executives Provides Golf Networking Platform for High-Level Business Professionals

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A new online golf network for senior executives and business owners is aiming to create a global community of business leaders united by a love of golf. 

London October 23, 2014
A new online golf network for senior executives and business owners is striving to create a global community united by a love of golf.

Golfing Executives is the world’s premier golf network for senior business executives and business owners. Their goal is to create a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for both golf and business.

Network membership is limited to individuals who meet two criteria: First, they must be senior executives or business owners or they must be the captain, vice-captain or secretary of a golf club, and second, they must be members of an established golf club with rights to host guests at a reduced guest fee.

Beyond these two criteria, any golfers are invited to join, regardless of age, handicap, creed, gender, race or language. Retirees who have previously held executive positions are also welcome to join.
Members of Golfing Executives get access to a private member’s area where they can search the network’s worldwide member database for members willing to play golf at other members’ guest rates, allowing them to plan golf games to fit in with their business or leisure trips wherever they travel. Members will save significant money by playing as guests of other international members, rather than paying a higher visitor green fee.

They can also use the Golfing Executives system to notify other members that they wish to host a game of golf at their home golf club.

"I'm delighted to launch our global golf network to enable business leaders around the world to network with their peers over a round of golf,” said Paul Smyth, CEO of Golfing Executives. “As a CEO myself and keen golfer, I've often wished that there was an easy way to connect with other executives both at home and overseas to arrange games of golf, especially when I am travelling. Now, using our website, you will be able to search our member database and find people internationally who are willing to play golf with you.”

Another benefit of the virtual golf club is to offer members organized events and competitions and the local, regional, national and international levels.

“Our ambitious plans also include bringing our members together to compete in international competitions similar to the Ryder Cup,” Smyth said.

To play at any of Golfing Executives’ majors, international or trophy events, members will have to spend credits in order to register. Each member can earn rewards, or “credits,” for helping the network increase its membership and for being active in the network.

Learn more about Golfing Executives and join the network for free at http://www.golfingexecutives.com. Follow Golfing Executives on Twitter at @golfingexecs.

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